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What’s one of the best things about being a photographer? You’ve already got a ton of content to use in your marketing with all of those photos! But whether you actually do anything with those photos or not is another question 😉

If you’ve been wondering how you can showcase your portfolio, especially if you want to use it to show new work that you’ve done or attract a specific client, follow the tips laid out in this blog.

Include Your Portfolio on Your Website

You knew we were going to start with this one, didn’t you? 😉 But seriously, showcasing the best of your work on your website is the easiest way to allow any prospective clients to see your talent. If you offer a few different types of photography, like weddings and families, you can have different pages for each niche so that your website visitors can view the gallery that relates most to them.

Blog About the Sessions or Events

Does your blog have tumbleweed rolling by in the distance when people click on it because you haven’t blogged in so long? Or, even worse, you haven’t blogged at all? Here’s your opportunity to dive into it!

In a blog post, you can share more about your clients and why they hired you, talk about what the session or event was like, and highlight any vendors that may have been involved. This will help to pull everything together into a “story” that will captivate your audience, give a peek into what it’s like to work with you, and improve your SEO, all at once. What could be a better trifecta than that?

SEO Tip: Make sure you link back to your services page(s) in each blog post to encourage visitors to stay on your website longer!

Order Marketing Collateral to Share with Potential Clients

Do you tend to meet with potential clients in person? Printing brochures, booklets, and albums that you can share with them during your meeting will allow them to truly experience your work “face-to-face.” Or, if you have a studio that potential clients come to or an office that you work out of, be sure to order prints of some of your best work and hang them on the wall–they’ll love seeing your work in the background of a Zoom call or hanging up when they see your space!

Bonus Tip: Collateral that potential clients can take home with them, like brochures or booklets, are best. You can even showcase images from your portfolio on your business cards. They’ll be a constant reminder of you and your work, encouraging them to make sure to book with you!

Share the Photos on Social Media

You’re likely already doing this, which is great! However, if you’ve only been using Instagram to showcase your work, start to think about other platforms and tactics you can try on social media, such as:

  • Running ads to promote your sessions
  • Tapping into Pinterest, especially with sharing your blog content
  • Sharing your work in local Facebook groups, where clients are likely to find you and hire you
  • Testing Instagram Reels and TikToks to show the behind-the-scenes of your work, funny and relatable content, and photography tips

The more methods you try, the better chance you have at making a bigger impact. Just make sure to pay attention to where your target market hangs out, though–if your ideal clients don’t use TikTok, it doesn’t make sense to have an account there yourself!

Highlight Them in Your Newsletters

Do you send out newsletters to your email list, even if it’s just once a month or once a quarter? This is another opportunity to highlight your recent work. Whether you use your newsletter to promote new blog posts, share your availability, give updates about your business, or something else, adding visuals to your newsletters captivates your subscribers’ attention and allows you to leverage these beautiful images even more.

Now that you know what to do with your portfolio, it’s time to let the world see it! Which method will you be using first?

5 Ways to Showcase Your Photography Portfolio in Your Marketing

Branding Tips

[Reading Time: 2 minutes]These 3 things you must have before rebranding your photography business

Feeling like you have the itch to re-brand your photography business? It’s a scary, yet exciting step to think about, right?!

Our goal today is to make sure you have a few important items in your back pocket BEFORE you take the leap into a re-brand. By making sure you have these specifics, you’ll save yourself time, money and potential future headaches. Trust us — we’ve been there!

Define specific reasons why you’re looking to re-brand

Sometimes just writing down the reasons will help you feel more confident in taking this big step in your photography business.

Here are a few that we’ve seen from our clients that re-brand with us:

  • I’m not booking any clients right now
  • I’m not booking the RIGHT clients right now
  • I cringe when I send someone my website
  • I hate using my logo on everything because I don’t like it anymore
  • None of my marketing materials match
  • I’m changing my niche/specialty and don’t know where to start
  • I don’t feel comfortable updating my website

Make sure you are open to defining who your dream client is + marketing your re-brand to that person

We’re not talking ‘a girl who drinks Starbucks and shops at Target’ as an ideal client. What we want to make sure that your ideal client can be defined WAY beyond that. (And, don’t worry. We can help you with defining this!) It all goes into figuring out not who your ideal client is, but exactly what problems they’re having that your services can resolve.

For example, if your ideal client (however they are defined with demographics!) has a fear of her kids acting a hot mess at their family session, and that’s why she hasn’t booked family portraits in three years, what can you provide in your services to help put her mind at ease?

Again, this is something that we can help you with during the re-branding process. What’s important, though, is to make sure you trust the process and keep an open mind about marketing your newly re-branded business to whoever that ideal client may be!

Portfolio of images you’d love to attract more of

Whether you’re changing your specialty, your editing style, or just want to change things up, it’s important to make sure you have the images on hand to do so. Now is the time to update your portfolio and show off the type of work that you would LOVE to book more of.

For example, are you interested in booking more weddings with fun-loving couples that treasure the candid shots over the posed, more structured shots? Show more of the candid ones off on your website to attract those couples that love the un-posed look!

Feeling a little more prepared for your upcoming re brand now? Reach out to us! Now is the time to take those steps towards a photography business you love. 

Three Things You MUST Have Before Re-Branding

Branding Tips

[Reading Time: 2 minutes]This is why your photography website needs a's a pretty big deal

When it comes to managing your photography business, you’re wearing about 24 different hats, right? Photographer, accountant, writer,  designer, marketing professional, social media guru, editor — to name just a few!

So, how can you make sure that your business continues to stay in front of those dream clients? How can your photography business stay visible with new content that will help build those relationships with your clients?

To have a successful photography business, you must continue to build the know, like, and trust factor with your photography clients. This is exactly why we recommend to all our photography clients to have a blog!

Your clients need to get to know you and your photography business. They also need to like you (in some way, shape, or form!), and they have to trust you. Without each of these three factors, that “dream” client relationship just won’t work.

So, how can a blog help you build that know, like and trust factor with your photography clients?

  • Knowing more about you and the background of your photography business
  • Showcasing your portfolio allows your clients to understand your photography style (posed, unposed, silly, outdoor, indoor, etc.)
  • Learning more about what they can expect when working with you
  • Trusting that your photography business is still relevant + up to date
  • Showing that you work with real people and takes away the nerves of a bad investment

Okay, this all sounds well and good. But, what about actually starting a blog?! Where do you start? Reach out to us for help!

Why Your Photography Website Needs a Blog

Branding Tips

[Reading Time: 2 minutes]


What’s the point of having a website for your photography business if nobody sees it?! We’re showing you in this blog post how you can drive more traffic to your website, so you can show off more of your portfolio. And, of course, bring in more inquiries!

So, what can you do to bring more traffic into your website?

  1. Engage with wedding vendors. We’re looking at you, wedding photographers! Even if you’re slower in booking right now, nothing is better than reaching out to vendors you LOVE working with (or you’d love to work with) and building those relationships. They’ll likely refer your services to clients that come in and share any blog posts you write about their business!
  2. Facebook ads.  If you’ve ever started a new Facebook ad, it probably looked like it was in a different language. Well, to us it sure did! Check out Samantha Grant’s Facebook group called Booked Up Photographers + Wedding Pros! Sam has some REALLY amazing resources to help you get started (and feel successful!) with Facebook ads.
  3. Start a mailing list. It can feel intimidating to start a mailing list! But, it’s a great way to get in the email inboxes of clients who you’ve worked with or have expressed interest in working with you. We recommend The Savvy Marketing Co. for all your mailing list needs!

Three Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Photography Website

Branding Tips

[Reading Time: 2 minutes]

When it comes to marketing your photography business, trust us when we say that you will need more than a logo.

Sure, you may start your photography business with a logo you purchased from Etsy. But, as you start to level up and market your business to higher paying clients, you need to make sure you have the branding essentials to scale!

A brand in itself is more than just a logo. There are essential pieces that go into a brand that help build that know, like, and trust factor to really hook those dream photography clients to inquiring with you. The aesthetics of your brand can strategically attract and resonate with your dream client, helping you stand out visually from your competition, too!

Building your brand with a strong foundation will help will help support any new visual designs that come into it – including your logo! Without that strong brand foundation, though, you’re going to find yourself quickly falling out of love with everything else.

If you’re still stuck and trying to figure out why your brand isn’t speaking to your dream clients, reach out to us! We’ll show you how to get those dream clients booking at the prices you deserve!

Why Your Photography Business Needs More Than Just a Logo

Branding Tips

[Reading Time: < 1 minute]

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our feature on Bokeh — The Photography Podcast!

The Bokeh Podcast is a podcast that explores the real conversations about life and business of being a photographer. It’s hosted by Nathan Holritz and produced by Photographer’s Edit!

In our episode of The Bokeh Podcast, we chat through significant relationships that your photography brand needs. From networking, to clients, and even to other photographers, we give you all of the information you need to create those collaborative relationships + why you need them!

Click here to listen to the episode!

Thank you for having us, Nathan! We had a blast!

We’re Featured on the Bokeh Podcast! | Podcasts for Photographers

Launch Your Daydream

[Reading Time: < 1 minute]

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our feature on the PhotoSpark Podcast!

Since 2016, PhotoSpark has been collaborating with professionals to create episodes and candid conversations about photography and business.

When we sat down to chat with Kate and Julie from PhotoSpark, can we be completely corny and say there was a spark?! 😉 The conversation felt so natural and we both felt like we were sitting and having a drink with two long-lost friends.

In our podcast episode with Kate and Julie, we all discussed niching down photography services and how it allows you to open your arms to more of your dream clients. Because, as we all know (including us!), niching down to a VERY specific target market can be really, really scary. It feels like you’re closing the door. But, in reality, you’re actually appealing that much more to those you’re opening the door wide open for!

Click here to listen to the episode over on the Photospark podcast!

Thank you for having us on the show, Julie and Kate!

We’re Featured on the PhotoSpark Podcast! | Podcasts for Photographers

Launch Your Daydream

[Reading Time: 4 minutes]

We’ve heard it time and time again. The majority of photographers that come to us in need of a rebrand tell us that they want their new brand to attract higher-paying clients because they’re tired of the bargain shoppers. You know the ones, they message you on Facebook and ask how much you charge. Or maybe they inquire through your website but once you follow up they ghost you because you’re out of their budget. Why does this happen over and over to photographers, no matter how beautiful and professional their work is?!

We know why. The answer, as it often does, lies within branding.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when approaching how to reasons your brand may be attracting bargain shoppers (+ ways to start attracting those high-end clients instead!)

Are your services specialized for a specific type of client?

We’re just gonna say it. If you’re offering your photography services for a wide range of clients like weddings, families, newborns, maternity, pets, corporate events (or any unlikely combination of those), you’re likely deterring your ideal client.

Picture this: let’s say your dream client is a high-end, classy bride, who is planning a really traditional and beautiful wedding. There are plenty of her out there. But if she’s searching for her dream photographer and she sees maternity and newborn photos on the same website as wedding photos, she’s not going to resonate with that. It’s too soon for her to see babies! She wants to see gorgeous, emotional wedding photos. She wants to read website copy that speaks to her EXACT situation and the needs + struggles that come along with it.

So, long story short,, if you haven’t niched down your services, now’s the time to start thinking about it! The more specific your brand’s specialty is, the more often you’ll attract your dream clients. Not to mention, really niching down gives you the opportunity to raise your prices, too! Bye-bye bargain hunters!

Do your brand aesthetics resonate with the high-paying clients you want to attract?

This goes hand-in-hand with #1. Once you’ve really honed in on what specific type of client you’re going to serve, it’s important to make sure that this is clear across the board. While messaging is super important, we want to focus on talking about your aesthetics here, because that’s what’s instantly going to gain attention (and then the messaging follows suit).

Let’s use the same example as before. Remember that classy, traditional bride we dreamed up in our minds? What descriptive words would you associate with the experience she’s looking for in a wedding photographer? We’re thinking something like: upscale, classic, attention-to-detail, personalized, luxury, and chic.

Do this exercise with your ideal client in mind; what descriptive words would you use for the type of experience they’re looking for (i.e. the type of experience you want to provide)? Then ask yourself if your brand aesthetics + website align with these words.

If you’re feeling a little stuck, here’s another way to test that out: Share your site with some close friends, business connections, or even in a Facebook Group that you trust. Ask people to tell you what words they would associate with the look and feel of your brand + website. Get them to share some descriptive words; the emotions they feel associated with your brand’s aesthetic. Do those align with the feelings you WANT your brand to communicate?

Check Your Website. Do You List Your Prices (or “Starting at” Prices) There?

If not, you may want to consider it.

By giving a peek at your price range, you can start to weed out some of the clients who are only looking for the least expensive option. We typically recommend adding these details to an “Experience” page of sorts, so that you can lead into the pricing by first showing off your process and your unique client experience. Warm things up by communicating to potential clients what is so special about working with you, then show them the nitty gritty details like those “starting at” prices.

You can also add your prices again within your contact form. On your website, you likely have a form for clients to use when inquiring with you. We recommend customizing this form so that you can get all the necessary information from your potential clients, but this is also an opportunity to remind them of what they’re inquiring for. (Especially if they happened to skip over the investment section of you site, which is sadly quite common!)

Try adding a required question to the form that asks what package or service they are inquiring about. Then include a dropdown menu of options with your service offerings and their starting at prices. While this won’t work for everyone (we still get questions about our pricing after potential clients select the specifically priced packages when reaching out!) BUT it does definitely help decrease the amount of bargain hunters in your inbox. Little wins anywhere we can get them, right?! 😉

If you’re still stuck and trying to figure out why the bargain hunters are coming to you, reach out to us! We’ll show you how to get those dream clients booking at the prices you deserve!

Always Attracting Price Shoppers With Your Photography Website? Let’s Change That!

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