about kelsey christine (she/her)

Web Designer for Photographers

Inclusive businesses only, thanks.

I’m so fucking proud of you for pushing the boundaries of what professional photography has traditionally celebrated. 

And I’m here to help your values and your work shine through bold, alternative web design. 



the values that drive this business:


Trusting the process

Self love + care


My process is efficient because the world needs your spirit and art, like yesterday. I keep things fun because you deserve to enjoy leveling up your business. I promise to show up as my true self with curiosity and enthusiasm so that you can do the same. 

When we’re finished, you’ll have a bold, aligned website that celebrates your work, signals your values, and gives your dream clients permission to be their true selves, too. Because when your clients feel comfortable in front of your camera, magic happens.


As a Showit website designer, I help inclusive photographers like you create welcoming spaces online so you can celebrate all the love, all the bodies, and all the people IRL.

While I’m not the one capturing the moments, I have the deepest appreciation for the work photographers like you do. 

Beyond my nostalgic nature, creativity has been in my blood since childhood. I can still vividly remember myself as a kid, sitting at my Little Tikes picnic table with a Spacemaker box of markers and a blank piece of paper ready to create. 

In high school, a marketing elective helped me realize I could turn my creativity into a realistic career. I went to college for marketing, but soon after graduation realized agency life and slimy corporate brands were not for me. 

Freelance life was where I landed. In 2017, I co-founded Launch Your Daydream with my friend and frequent collaborator Britt Hyatt and spent the next five years as half of a dynamic, boyband-obsessed duo. While Britt ventured off in 2022 to do her own thing, we still talk daily, and she still lends her SEO expertise to every LYD project. 

me—a photographer?! lol, no.


Britt and I had booked a working trip to Nashville pre-pandemic and fell in love with what we kept calling "that Nashville feeling." This infectious vibe helped us shake up our thinking and play big.

A year later, I went through a major shift in my personal life and found myself with a deep desire to connect with and find love for my true self. I couldn't think of a better place than Nashville for a fresh start. 

This personal development has made me even more committed to helping each of my clients embrace who they are and who they serve through their site.

that nashville feeling

“If you can’t love yourself, how in the   hell you gonna love somebody else?”

words to live by

words to live by

now here's some seemingly contradictory fun facts that I LOVE ABOUT MYSELF:

I love dark & spooky aesthetics but also anything obnoxiously colorful and sparkly.

I'm happy staying in + watching reality TV with my 3 cats, but also down to rock out at a punk show with friends. 

I jam out to early 2000s emo and screamo music but also poppy boy bands.

I make my own pasta like a little Italian grandma but also have a hot pink stripper pole in my apartment. 

Let’s become besties + get you a killer website that you can’t wait to show off

As an official Showit Design Partner, I've created well over 100 fun, funky, and functional websites for photographers over the past 6+ years. 

Want yours to be next?