I've been connected with some of the best service providers in the industry over the past 5+ years and I'm sharing it all with you here. These resources are just my own personal recommendations, so please be sure to do your own research and determine whether or not they're the right fit for you and your photography business!

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inclusivity coaching with crystal lily creative

Crystal is a dear friend of mine and one of the best investments you can make in your business. I've worked with her 1:1 for inclusivity coaching, but she also offers multiple other resources—follow along on her IG for the latest updates. (Highly reco her masterclass on using inclusive language in your brand messaging!)

anti-racism course for photographers

In addition to this crucial course, Tomayia Colvin Education is full of helpful resources for photographers. Dr. Colvin has created this online community to: "empower Black and photographers of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and other marginalized groups. A safe haven of inclusion and diversity."


Katherine Lewis is here to guide and support you in making your business accessible and inclusive to ALL people in a way that aligns with your values and supports your goals! If exploring accessibility in your biz is new to you, I recommend booking a free 'Pathfinder Session' with Katie to determine where to start! 

Inclusive website guide for photographers

You might be an inclusive photographer, but is your website communicating that properly to people who don't know you yet? I've got a list of 7 things you could be doing to make your website a better place for your potential clients and I'll send it to you RIGHT NOW for FREE!

lgbtq+ inclusivity certification course from equally wed

Learn how to be authentically LGBTQ+ inclusive with actionable steps to better serve the LGBTQ+ community. While Equally Wed Pro is geared toward the wedding industry, this course applies to anyone.

Mckenzie bigliazzi education + Coaching

McKenzi offers a wealth of educational resources for photographers who: give a shit about their client experience, truly want to stand out in the industry, and are tired of the same old shit.  Let McKenzie guide you in transforming the photography industry. (And check out the branding course we did together while you're at it!!)

Brighter business Coaching W/stephanie baker

This 4-week program is a supportive, collaborative workshop to enhance your body of work, polish your brand, and elevate your website.  Brighter Business with Steph includes the following; image curation, portfolio critique, website analysis, and virtual 1:1 support from Stephanie.

booked solid with ben hartley

Get the proven step-by-step framework hundreds of photographers have used to grow their photography business to over $100,000. Many of my LYD clients have gone through this program and I've only heard great things. If you're not ready to invest in Booked Solid, start with Ben's free mastermind group — it's EPIC + packed with value!

photographer's edit

Nathan Holritz (CEO of Photographer's Edit and host of the Bokeh Podcast) taught me the power and importance of outsourcing in business. As a photographer, outsourcing your editing is one of the biggest ways you can positively impact yourself and increase productivity in your business. 

my favorite photography business podcasts:

bokeh podcast

the tog republic

This Can't be That hard

My Wedding Season

copywriters i recommend

When asked about full-service copywriting, these are the businesses I typically recommend.  Amanda is who put together the copy for the majority of the Launch Your Daydream website! Check out each of their sites to see who feels like the best fit for you:

Story brand FRAMEWORK

"Clarify your message and grow your business." This framework highly influences the approach I take with my clients when helping put together their website copy, but the book and/or the course will take you SO much further. 

Brand strategy + Design with Inkpot Creative

Inkpot is an epic duo that specializes in strategic, professional branding, web design, & SEO for photographers. I always recommend them when photographers come to me looking for a custom brand strategy + design. Bonus: Inkpot is a queer-led inclusive business! 🤘

seo for photographers with britt hyatt

Britt is making SEO less intimidating and more approachable for photographers. She was the other half of Launch Your Daydream for its first 5 years and I'd trust her with my life.  And with my SEO. 😉

social media management with dash of social

I've known Ashley for years now and she's one of the hardest working individuals out there. The Dash of Social team can be trusted with your social media management, marketing strategy, and content marketing. Seriously, get it off your plate and into their hands.

the art of pinning: course for photographers

Carolina's expertise made marketing on Pinterest feel SO much easier for me. She's brilliant and she's put all of her Pinterest marketing knowledge into this kickass course for photographers. If you've been wanting to reach more dream clients via Pinterest strategy, start here:


This e-course helped me see the "ick" of email marketing in a whole new light. I actually became excited to grow my email list and start a newsletter that could translate itself into engaging content across social platforms, too.  If you don't have an email marketing platform yet, I recommend Flodesk! Use the link below for 50% off!

dubsado customer relationship management (CRM) system

I've been using Dubsado for over 5 years and it just keeps getting better! This is the platform I use for contracts, invoices, project + lead management, financial reporting, and so much more! Use the code 'launchyourdaydream' when you subscribe to get 20% off your first month or year!

unf*ck your biz with braden drake

Braden has made the scary tax and legal aspects of business a LOT easier to digest. He describes himself as: your gay best friend here to help you bake up more profit while protecting it with solid legal, tax, and financial strategies and services.  Yes please!!

Digital Organization & Workflow Automation with krystal clark

Krystal is the queen of systems and workflow automation. Hire her to organize your foundational productivity structure, create your workflow strategy, and setup your client experience workflows so you can stress less and live more live outside of the office.

Kara Evans: Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant for photographers (and a successful photographer herself!) Kara helps take tasks off your plate so that you can get back to doing what you love in your business and life.

how to ADHD

For my fellow neurodivergents, this Youtube channel seriously changed my life! I was only recently diagnosed with ADHD in 2023, but this channel has been extremely helpful in understanding how my brain works and how I can better manage my ADHD—especially while running my business.

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