You’re telling new stories as a professional photographer. It's time for a bold, strategically designed site that lets people know it.

Website design for photographers


Your website should shout from the rooftops who you are, who you're calling in, and the magic you create for your clients. 

the lyd method: what's included?

Unlike other template customization services that mostly swap out your content and call it a day, the LYD Method preps you for website success from every angle. 

exclusive access to lyd templates

Set the stage for your site design by choosing from my exclusive collection of templates, only available to Launch Your Daydream clients (included in the Website in a Week package price), or purchase your preferred template independently.

brand identity guidance

Celebrate your brand's unique vibe as I apply your custom fonts, colors, icons, and logo to the template, adjusting canvases as needed. Even if you don’t have a logo yet, I’ll help you establish a look and feel that gives your brand the professional vibe you’re after! Six site pages are included, with additional pages available for a fee. 

website copy

Attract dream clients with done-for-you copy in your brand voice, crafted from your questionnaire responses and copy on your existing site.

personalized seo keyword strategy

My in-house SEO expert, Britt, will optimize your new site for Google with personalized keyword research based on your specialties and location. Get up to 300 images optimized, named, and uploaded, plus page titles, descriptions, and text tags for every page.

mobile optimization

Trust that your new site will look just as sexy on the 'ol phone screen. Everyone is on their phones 24/7, so we need to make sure every impression counts. Plus, we’ll earn you those sweet, sweet Google bonus points for mobile functionality. 😘

blog setup or migration

Get your existing blog posts migrated to your new site, or let me create your new blog page as part of our customization process. Showit’s WordPress blogging integration will give you access to the best platform out there, and you’ll be ready to make the most of it!  


Let my team handle all the spooky techie stuff, so you don't have to.

offboarding resources

Move forward feeling confident and equipped with personalized recommendations and training videos that prepare you to maintain your new site confidently. I won't just kick you to the curb!

Get ready to land in a magical place between fully custom design and fighting with a template alone. 

fully custom web design

basic template customization

LYD method

Featured LYD Template Customizations:

"if you're looking for a website that feels like YOU and want someone who is professional, fun, and efficient aF then you need to book Kelsey NOW!"

I can't stop looking at my website and how freakin gorgeous it is!! Kelsey took everything I ever dreamed of in my head and made it a reality. Like how?? I'm obsessed!

Website week was intense but thrilling! Kelsey understood me. She'll tell you she's not a copywriter, but she takes your scatterbrained thoughts and turns them into the perfect wording for your site that is clear, concise, and sounds like you. 

She was also so effin creative! She came up with ideas to incorporate our love of music throughout the site in a way that felt fun, unique, and authentic to us! I mean I could seriously go on and on about how fun this process was. 

To top it all off, I was nervous about switching platforms, but Kelsey handled all the back-end technical stuff and gave me an amazing email at the end with tutorials and SEO insights to keep my website going strong and easy to update as things in my business change and grow. She's worth every penny!! 

- Meghan (and evan), Rhode Tripper Photography

The LYD Method is intimate, intensive, and FUN. 

investment: $4000

Payment plan option available—ask upon inquiry!

It's basically a weeklong party with a jaw-droppingly awesome website as the goodie bag.  

This is why Showit is my answer when people ask about the best websites for photographers:

Showit is one of the most flexible, easy-to-use platforms around

—perfect for visual brands like yours. Showit also has incredible SEO power and even integrates with WordPress (arguably the best platform for blogging). But the best part? Their support resources and help team are incredible. Real humans help you solve your issues. It's unheard-of-good.

Within two months of launch, Shannon's bookings tripled her return on investment in LYD web design.

3x ROI in 2 months

5 weddings booked in 1 month

500% inquiry increase

Christy booked five weddings within a month of her LYD site launch. 

After working with LYD, Bethany's monthly family photography inquiries increased by 500%.

lyd clients get results:

It’s time to quit daydreaming and get your new Showit website into the world.