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showit template customization for photographers

The quicker, more affordable route to the website of your dreams.

Template customization means we take a pre-made Showit website template created by another designer and customize it specifically for you. 

This approach works best for photographers who already have a solid brand strategy and are just looking to uplevel their web presence. 

Here's how it works:

Let's kick this off by browsing through templates we recommend here and choosing one that feels most aligned with your work + current brand. Keep in mind that we will be able to customize fonts, colors, and all the content—this is just a starting point!

If you have a template you want to use that isn't on that page, just reach out to us before booking so we can take a look! We always want to make sure you're set up for success.

1. Start by choosing your template.

step two

We know, writing copy for your website is one of the most daunting tasks. But don’t worry—we’ve got your back!

We use a strategic approach to help make sure you’re communicating your unique value to potential clients. When you’re done with your initial questionnaire, we’ll have everything we need to help you create website copy that attracts and converts those dream clients!

2. We'll strategize with you on your new website copy.

step three

We will do SEO keyword research to determine what specific locations, niches and other words people would actually type into Google to find your photography website. Then, we’ll provide you with these keywords, along with suggested image names + sizing specs for best results.

We’ll then add these keywords into your Page Titles and Page Descriptions, so Google can easily understand what your website is all about.

3. We'll take care of search engine optimization (SEO).

step four

This is when we incorporate all of your brand elements, strategic copy, portfolio images, SEO keywords, and more into the Showit template you purchased in step one.

We'll send you a walkthrough video of your customized template where you can add feedback for us to make changes. Once that first walkthrough is done, the rest is smooth sailing as we perfect all the final details!

4. We'll then start customizing your template.

step five

It’s time to pop some bubbly and get excited for your brand new website!

Showit will point your domain name to look at your new website, so it can successfully launch to the rest of the Internet. We’ll finish testing during this phase and ask you to sign off on the final design. Then, we’ll send you a Showit Tutorial video, so you feel comfortable updating your new website moving forward.

5. Time to launch your daydream (& new website!)

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investment details

6 pages // 4-WEEK PROCESS

2 payments of $1000

** Price does not include template purchase.

Why Work With Us?

We take care of researching + implementing personalized and strategic SEO keywords, so your website has potential for more traffic after launch.

We purposely only work with a limited amount photographers at one time. Our goal is always to make sure your new website launches within 4 weeks of receiving your content back.

We're branding + website strategy experts. We've launched 100+ photographer websites, where we always focus on effectively communicating the differentiators of that photographer to their unique audience.



We believe Backstreet Boys > NSYNC. It's a hill we're willing to die on. Feel free to email us if you have any questions about our case. 



You provide us with your domain log in and we'll take care of the tech side of launching it for you. No more tech headaches or worries of how to launch!

domain/dns connection

additional pages

Take a look at the add-ons below to enhance your experience!



We'll use our keyword research to rename and resize your photos according to SEO best practices on your website.

*NOTE: Does not include migrated blog posts

rename + resize photos

Need more than the 6 pages our base price offers? We can add more pages on to your website design for an additional $300 per page. Get it all knocked out at once!

Add-On Options


Britt and Kelsey are amazing! From the moment I reached out to inquire about their services, I felt valued, and I wasn’t even a client of theirs yet! It was an easy decision to work with them; their work speaks for itself and their personalities are absolutely beautiful. They helped me with a template customization and it turned out absolutely amazing! They were always there for me if I had questions and were always checking in and updating me on the next steps. Once I got everything they needed sent to them, the work was super fast and they had my website up and running within two weeks I believe. Very fast, and extremely gorgeous and SO me. They just got it! You will not regret working with them. Britt and Kelsey for the win! 

kim beebe:
family photographer in florida

"Very fast, extremely gorgeous, and SO me."

Britt and Kelsey are amazing! From the moment I reached out to inquire about their services, I felt valued, and I wasn’t even a client of theirs yet!

I tried over + over to make my site feel authentically ME + I never quite got it right.  Brit + Kelsey understood me. They amped me up. They didn't make me feel like I was a complete wack-o.  I can CONFIDENTLY say, there is no way I would have got this vision in my head executed on my own to this level. I AM GRATEFUL for them. I was able to be home more and with my family during times of need. I was able to be there for my clients more. I was able to have ME time. They are prompt with communication. like... for real. They truly aren't like typical website designers. HIRE THEM! You freakin' wont regret it!

alicia rackley:
wedding photographer in maine

"How many people can take an over used template & make it uniquely personable to YOU? BritT & Kelsey can!"

Britt and Kelsey went above and beyond to bring my site to life. They were amazing at communication. Clear with timelines. And I gotta say, really fast.

Britt and Kelsey went above and beyond to bring my site to life. They were amazing at communication. Clear with timelines. And I gotta say, really fast. They were a joy to work with and I feel like our interaction, while professional and efficient, was also fun and relaxed. It made the entire experience so easy. My site is gorgeous. But I already knew it would be. It’s always the question of how much hassle is it going to take to get it to that point? With Launch Your Daydream there was none. I’ll tell everyone I meet to use them.

ben hartley:
wedding photographer & educator

"I’ll tell everyone I meet to use them."

I am so happy I decided to hire this team to create my new website! They were absolutely incredible to work with! I highly recommend to anyone looking to redo their website to hire this team on the spot!  Thank you so much for everything!

danielle schury:
wedding photographer in illinois

"I am so happy with the final product and everything they have done to make my dream website happen."

They delivered exactly what they said they would, and more. 
Their initial form really covered everything, and I spent several hours filling it out the best I could. And what these ladies did with that information was amazing. 
They saw what I said, and they saw what I WANTED to say, they read between the lines and made me sound even more awesome than I had hoped. My vision came to life on my website. I simply could not be happier than I am. Thank you Britt and Kelsey!! 💜💜💜

Amy claeys:
wedding photographer in michigan

"10 Stars out of 5. I cannot recommend this team enough." 

They delivered exactly what they said they would, and more.My vision came to life on my website. I simply could not be happier than I am. 

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hear from happy lyd clients:

If you’re not finding a template you love, just reach out to us! You can provide us with brand words or specifics that you’re looking for and we’re happy to provide you with templates that best align with your aesthetic. There are so many talented designers out there that have templates that are perfect for no matter what kind of vibe you're going for. We know it can be overwhelming to do the search alone, though!

Phase 2 of the Template Customization process dives into the Client Journey Questionnaire, which usually provides us with about 85% of your website copy. Any remaining copy that you want to provide (usually includes pricing/packages details, facts for your About Page, etc.) can be provided to us by you via a Word Doc in Dropbox! If you do prefer to hire a copywriter from start-to-finish for your website, we can provide you with names of a few that we recommend!

That's okay! All of the templates we recommend have a look & feel built-in that can act as a logo and brand aesthetic for you. If you're looking for a completely custom brand design, let us know when you inquire!

Your domain name will stay exactly where it is today. Your website hosting will change to Showit. We also offer the option to connect your new site to your domain for you!

01. will you help me find a template?

02. do you help with website copy?

03. what if i Don't have a logo?

04. what about the tech stuff?

Frequently Asked Questions

We'll be back to you within 1-2 business days, tops. Form not working? Email us directly at!

Let's do this!

NOTE: We are currently booking custom brand + website design clients 1-2 months in advance.

By the way, we're not photographers—we're designers and strategists FOR photographers. For the past 4+ years, we've worked directly with a variety of photographers to not only create unique brands + websites for them, but to also ensure that those websites are getting consistent and relevant traffic.

Our business runs on boy bands, pizza deliveries, & lots of reality TV.