One of the toughest parts of owning a business is the dreaded “comparison trap”.

Do you ever have that feeling that you get that you’re just not good enough to “make it” in your business? That defeated feeling that everyone else is booked up except you? Feeling like maybe you should scrap your business because you just can’t get “it” right like everyone else seems to?

We’re not here to tell you to KNOCK IT OFF… although, if that works, then do it! 😉 This feeling is totally normal, especially when your business is in a slow slump. It’s time to share with you a part of your brand that you might not think of as a part of branding: Your Differentiators.

You may be thinking: “Britt and Kelsey… how the heck am I different than my competitors!? We all do the same job.” — and, honestly? You’re right! Maybe you all “do” pick up a camera. Or, maybe you all “do” plan and coordinate events.

But, just because you have those “things” in common with your competition, that doesn’t mean that your brand isn’t different than your competitors. And, most importantly, that doesn’t mean that you cannot stand out from your competition. Seriously, trust us on this one.

Think about what makes you and your business unique and make sure your dream client would care about the differentiators, too!

Here are a few differentiators to think about:

What do you provide that others don’t?

  • You’re a wedding photographer and you include engagement sessions with any wedding session booked.
  • You’re an event planner and you provide a complimentary 60-minute sit down with your prospective clients before they book. You want to make sure they feel 100% comfortable and confident in working with you for their upcoming event.


Is there something different about your personality or your process?

  • You’re a wedding photographer and you sit down with your clients a few weeks out from their wedding day to plan a timeline with them. You even work with them to build out a list of dream photos they would love to see captured on their big day — you know, instead of just “winging” it.


What about the background and experience that you have?

  • You’re a family photographer and you have a background as a nanny, giving you expertise when connecting with families and small children.
  • You’re a florist and you have a degree in horticulture, so your clients have nothing to worry about when it comes to your expertise on which florals to choose (and avoid!) on their big day.


Here’s what to do with those differentiators:

Make sure these differentiators are surfaced on your website (think about your “About” page or your “Experience” pages). That’s where those dream clients are going to find you. Be proud of what makes your brand stand out from your competition!

Because when you’re in love with your brand, your confidence will skyrocket. You’ll bring your A-game. You’ll attract your dream clients (and then after you wow them, they will tell all their pals about you). A strong, solid brand that you love (and is 100% YOU!) is what will get you booked.

Does Your Brand Stand Out From the Competition?

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