Feeling like you have the itch to re-brand your photography business? It’s a scary, yet exciting step to think about, right?!

Our goal today is to make sure you have a few important items in your back pocket BEFORE you take the leap into a re-brand. By making sure you have these specifics, you’ll save yourself time, money and potential future headaches. Trust us — we’ve been there!

Define specific reasons why you’re looking to re-brand

Sometimes just writing down the reasons will help you feel more confident in taking this big step in your photography business.

Here are a few that we’ve seen from our clients that re-brand with us:

  • I’m not booking any clients right now
  • I’m not booking the RIGHT clients right now
  • I cringe when I send someone my website
  • I hate using my logo on everything because I don’t like it anymore
  • None of my marketing materials match
  • I’m changing my niche/specialty and don’t know where to start
  • I don’t feel comfortable updating my website

Make sure you are open to defining who your dream client is + marketing your re-brand to that person

We’re not talking ‘a girl who drinks Starbucks and shops at Target’ as an ideal client. What we want to make sure that your ideal client can be defined WAY beyond that. (And, don’t worry. We can help you with defining this!) It all goes into figuring out not who your ideal client is, but exactly what problems they’re having that your services can resolve.

For example, if your ideal client (however they are defined with demographics!) has a fear of her kids acting a hot mess at their family session, and that’s why she hasn’t booked family portraits in three years, what can you provide in your services to help put her mind at ease?

Again, this is something that we can help you with during the re-branding process. What’s important, though, is to make sure you trust the process and keep an open mind about marketing your newly re-branded business to whoever that ideal client may be!

Portfolio of images you’d love to attract more of

Whether you’re changing your specialty, your editing style, or just want to change things up, it’s important to make sure you have the images on hand to do so. Now is the time to update your portfolio and show off the type of work that you would LOVE to book more of.

For example, are you interested in booking more weddings with fun-loving couples that treasure the candid shots over the posed, more structured shots? Show more of the candid ones off on your website to attract those couples that love the un-posed look!


Feeling a little more prepared for your upcoming re brand now? Reach out to us and book your re-brand before the year is up! Now is the time to take those steps towards a photography business you love. Finish out 2019 strong and let’s get your 2020 booked up ASAP!


Curious about mistakes you could be making with your current brand + website? Check out the freebie below!



Three Things You MUST Have Before Re-Branding

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