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Launch your new site in a week, then fill your calendar with clients you love. 

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Inclusive photographers who are 


Your photography makes a statement. does your website do the same?

More importantly, does it let them know that no matter who they are, how they look, or who they love, they’ll be safe and celebrated in front of your lens?

If you've been wasting a ton of energy tweaking your site with little to show for it but stress, it's time to get help leveling up.

Does it make it obvious to your dream clients that you are the answer for their witchy wedding, edgy boudoir shoot, or mountaintop elopement?

If not, it’s time for a site that matches your values and your vibe. 

In an industry where so many play it safe with a vanilla website, get ready to serve up some rainbow swirl. 

Be built right with strategic copy, SEO, and design 

Show off your work—and your bold AF personality

Communicate your values and create a safe space

Your photography website should:

Launch Your Daydream specializes in Showit Template customization for photographers. 

Real LYD Clients:

“Ever since I launched my new website, every 👏 single 👏 client 👏 has been my ideal client!…"

- Chelsie, Wedding photographer

“Literally just got another dream inquiry via Google Search!!!"

- Danielle, Wedding photographer + Videographer

“It makes me so happy when our clients tell us they felt loved from the first visit to our website."

- Angela, Wedding photographer

 "I am now not only attracting clients, but my ideal clients!"

- Amanda, Wedding photographer

"my jaw dropped. She took everything I imagined and somehow made the site I was dreaming up."

- Jonathan, Wedding photographer

"The day after launch, I got an inquiry that specifically reached out because of the copy on my Site."

- Sarah, Wedding + Brand photographer

Pick your week, choose your template, and do your homework! Your photos and questionnaire are due one week out, so my in-house SEO expert can do the keyword research I need to prep your custom SEO strategy.

Get ready for a productive AF week-long party as I customize your template to fit your vibe. We’ll check in lots as I craft your copy (yup!), update fonts and styling, and adjust the template until it makes you cry those happy tears. 

Relax while I manage the behind-the-scenes details to get your site live by Friday (no fucking joke—we launch that same week!). You’ll also get resources to help you update and manage your new site with confidence

How Website In a Week Works:

01. book

02. party

03. Launch

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since 2017, lyd has brought hundreds of websites to life for photographers.

Hi, I'm Kelsey (she/her) + I'm not a photographer.

As an official Showit Design Partner with a marketing background, I'm committed to creating a site that looks better, runs smoother, and brings in the clients you are dying to work with. 

i'm a designer and strategist for photographers.

Hi, I'm Kelsey (she/her) + I'm not a photographer. I'M A DESIGNER AND STRATEGIST FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS.

Get ready to land in a magical place between fully custom design and fighting with a template alone. 

Why The LYD Method Slaps:

Thanks to my streamlined, intentional process, you can expect to get shit DONE, have fun doing it, and walk away with a strategic, sexy Showit site that’s totally YOU — all in just 5 days flat.

Every project includes an Inclusivity Audit, where you’ll get guidance on how to authentically communicate your values so that your clients feel safe and loved from the moment they land on your site. 

fully custom web design

basic template customization

LYD method

A Custom Look with Less Stress

One-Week Timeline (For Real)

A Values-Focused Approach

Skip the DIY headaches AND the fully custom price tag. Since you get to choose the template I start with, you'll have peace of mind about the design direction but still end up with a site that feels unique to you.

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7 Tips to make your photography website more inclusive 🌈

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