As a wedding photographer, you have to wear tons of hats. You’re constantly focusing on your client relationships and making sure no important details are missed.

What if you could establish three business relationships that would make managing your business easier?

Here are three relationships that every wedding photographer should establish + why:

Venue Owner

If you’re a wedding photographer, you know that you likely frequent wedding venues for ceremonies and receptions. When couples start the planning process themselves, one of the first decision factors is their venue. Many venue owners provide resources to their clients on recommended vendors they love! Build relationships with the venue owners to make your wedding days that much easier.

Event Planner

Wedding and event planners can be your best friend. And, trust us, we know a few AMAZING ones that we’ve worked with that truly have their shit together. They’re the go-to person for all things wedding when their couple hires them! Connect with an event planner, especially if you’re newer to the wedding industry, to learn how you can make the wedding day easier for everyone. And, again, stay connected with them to be the go-to photographer for their couples!

Other Local Photographers

You might be going, “whaaaaaaaat?!” — but, yep. You read that right. It doesn’t have to be a competition against other local photographers. Connecting with other photographers, especially in the wedding industry, can help everyone. Many photographers look for second shooters to assist in photographing a wedding. Not only that, but if you’re not available for a specific wedding date, you want to be able to provide your client with other photographers you love to reach out to!


Now that you have some ideas going for these relationships, don’t forget to blog about them on your website! We’ve got 10 content ideas for photographers here for you, in case you get stuck with what else to post! 😉

Three Essential Business Relationships for Wedding Photographers

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Three Essential Business Relationships for Wedding Photographers

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