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The Brand Pizza: As told by Joey Tribbiani


If you’ve been following us for awhile, you may have heard us use the phrase, “the brand pizza”. Essentially, it’s how we describe branding and all the elements (errr, slices) that it includes. Because, hi— we love branding and we love carbs.

So, to school you on #allthingsbranding and #allthingsbrandpizza, we’re going to gift you with none other than Mr. Joseph Francis Tribbiani.

Joey is emphatic about Pizza and how it can represent what build a brand

Why explain it as a pizza? Because:

  • Branding is not just a logo and fun colors you love
  • Branding is not just about your portfolio 
  • Branding is not just about what the heck to post on Instagram


Instead, branding is all of these things AND quite a few others. 

Ready to jump in with us + Joey to learn all about what a successful brand for photographers includes?! Let’s go!


#1 – Your Brand Foundation

Joey is confused about where to start with his branding

Yep, you gotta start here, Joe!

We recommend setting a solid foundation for your brand before anything else. This includes: your values, your photography business’s mission, your specialty/niche, the future vision for your business, plus exactly what makes your photography experience different from others. These things will help guide all of the other decisions you make for your business!


#2 – Dream Client Persona

Joey is happily dancing because he's getting inquiries from his dream clients!

Ahhhh, YES! The happy dance when your dream client inquires! Get it, Joe!

Before you can get that confidence in talking about your photography business, you have to figure out exactly WHO you’re talking to! In order to have a successful, focused brand, you must be speaking to a very specific audience. Once you figure out who your dream photography client is, it will be so much easier to find, attract, & book them. Your dream client can change over time, but it’s smart to begin with a solid idea of who you want to reach.


#3 – Visual Identity

Joey is showing off his new visual identity to enforce his brand

Well, maybe a liiiitttttle overboard there, Joey. But, yes, this is all about the “look”!

This is the aesthetic side of things: your color palette, logo, patterns, additional design elements—and how to use those throughout all touch points of your photography brand. Keeping your aesthetics ‘cohesive’ is really important here. You can have a beautiful brand design, but if you don’t display it in a cohesive way across all platforms, your entire brand image can be misinterpreted.


#4 – Cohesive Voice

Joey is practicing to have a cohesive voice that represents his brand









He’s trying, you guys. You’ve got this, Joe! Hang with us!

Your ‘voice’ is the way you ‘talk’ to prospective clients and current clients through touch points like social media, emails, phone calls, your website, and in person, too!). This voice should also closely match the aesthetic appearance of your brand.


#5 – Web Presence

Joey is starting to get the hang of this whole branding thing and is ready to increase his web presence

Exactly, Joey! It can feel overwhelming to think about your website, but start slow!

Many photographers get overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out the ins and outs of their website. It’s no wonder; launching a website is no easy task! There are tons of decisions to make along the way—from design, to copy, to workflows, and everything in-between. Take a look at some of the first steps and considerations you should keep in mind before launching your website: 1) know and understand your brand, 2) choose where you want to host your site, and 3) define what content you want to include.


#6 – Social Media Presence

Joey is ready to increase his social media presence, even though it's intimidating

Relax, Joey! You don’t have to be everywhere on social media!

With tons of different platforms and constantly changing algorithms, social media can be intimidating. BUT, your brand doesn’t have to be on EVERY platform! Make sure you’re where your ideal clients are; that’s all that matters. Feeling connected with your social media presence is incredibly important in order to not only make sure your brand is seen and heard, but that it’s seen and heard by your dream client.


#7 – You & Your Relationships

Joey is keeping close relationships to ensure a successful brand!

Keep those relationships close, Joey. You’ll need them for a successful brand!

That’s right, YOU are an integral part of your own brand. Your personality, the way you look and dress, the way you speak, and the way you interact with others all have an impact on the success and validity of your brand. In addition to you, the relationships you create will play an important role in your photograph brand as well. It’s important to foster a few different types of relationships as a business owner: clients, collaborations, and community.


#8 – Internal Processes

Joey is showing his internal processes to Phoebe

Yessss, defined instructions on where the pizza is! Oh, and the napkin.  😉

Having clear and defined processes in place for your photography biz will make your life SO MUCH EASIER. Aligning those processes with your visual brand is the icing on the cake! It may be hard to think about how you can align something as boring as a process to something as incredible as your brand design. Whether you provide services or products to your client, think about all the touch points you have with them and how you can better streamline your processes. Make sure your brand not only aesthetically shines through, but your voice should, too. No matter what, always think back to how you can provide your dream client with the dream experience when working with you.


How are you feeling!? Ready for the brand pizza for your photography biz?!

Joey is completing his brand pizza and is ready to get started!

Struggling with any of the slices of your brand pizza? We’re here to help!

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The Brand Pizza: As Told by Joey Tribbiani


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