I take on a limited number of clients at a time to ensure a meaningful, personalized experience. I typically book out around 1 month in advance, but please reach out to learn more about my current availability. Once you fill out the form below, I'll respond within two business days to answer any questions and let you know my next available start date.

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I'd strongly suggest you look at who is still making music and selling out tours and Vegas residencies. Maybe you'll reconsider. ;) #literallythebestsellingboybandofalltime

what if i think *nsync is better than backstreet boys?

After you fill out the form above, I'll be in touch with you for any additional questions and let you know the next available start date. From there, I'll send you your contract to read and sign and pay your first deposit to hold your spot on my calendar.

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I've got you! I know changing to a new website platform can be scary. Between the resources at Showit, my resources, their live chat team, and me walking you through Showit as we go, I'll make sure you're plenty familiar with how to update your website after it launches!

i'm nervous about switching to showit. will you help me with it?

Not yet! This is a part of the process that I'll walk you through when your new website is ready to launch on Showit. (And if you're already on Showit, easy peasy!!)

Do I need to cancel with my current website host?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re not finding a template you love, just reach out to me! You can provide me with brand words or specifics that you’re looking for and I'd be happy to provide you with templates that best align with your aesthetic. There are so many talented designers out there that have templates that are perfect for no matter what kind of vibe you're going for. I know it can be overwhelming to do the search alone, though!

Yes! The Client Journey Questionnaire usually provides me with material for about 85% of your website copy. Any remaining copy that you want to provide (usually includes pricing/packages details, facts for your About Page, etc.) can be pulled from your current website (or via email/Google Doc if you don't have a site yet!)  If you do prefer to hire a copywriter from start-to-finish for your website, I can provide you with a recommendation!

That's okay! All of the templates we recommend have a look & feel built-in that can act as a logo and brand aesthetic for you. If you're not convinced, let me know and I can show you some examples after you inquire!

Your domain name will stay exactly where it is today. Your website hosting will change to Showit. Don't worry about the actual process though, I'll take care of connecting your new site to your domain for you!

will you help me find a template?

do you help with website copy?

what if i Don't have a logo?

what about my domain and stuff?

I start by conducting research specific to your niche. This will tell us what relevant keywords people are ACTUALLY searching for each month. I'll use this research to rename all of your images for your site, then also include those keywords in your page titles, descriptions, and the SEO text tags within each page of your site.