When you started this photography business, it wasn’t even thought of as a business. It was a hobby to you. It was a love you had for capturing sweet memories. Picking up that camera made your heart so happy it could burst. And, suddenly, you started getting paid by clients. Whaaaat?! Is this real life!?

Since then, you’ve had to throw together a logo and website to make yourself look legit. You want more of those paying clients, right?!

Suddenly, you’re a business owner. People keep telling you that you are. You’re paying taxes on this former hobby of yours and it’s starting to really take flight.

You’re now a few years in, and while you still love what you do, you’re finding some disconnect. That logo you excitedly purchased from Etsy feels like it doesn’t match up with how your business has transformed over the last few years. Your website only has your portfolio on it with very little, pieced together wording from 2015. You know some clients you’ve worked with you LOVE, and you’d love to book them over and over again. You want to continue impressing them and coming back to you!

But, that disconnect is still there. Why do you feel like you’re falling out of love with marketing this business that used to bring you so much joy to tell EVERYONE about?!

It’s because you’ve changed. And, that is COMPLETELY normal and a good thing! Your business should continue to grow with you!

It’s time to take a step back and look at the foundation of your brand. Because, let’s be real, you and your business HAVE changed in the last few years. Remember, this is a GOOD thing!

Here are some tips on how you can light that fire again!

  • Define who your ideal client is. Start with demographics and expand to figure out how your services can help them. What excites/scares them about booking a photographer? Why are they looking for a photographer in the first place? Define all of this in as much detail as possible.
  • Update your website portfolio. Get those gorgeous photos from the last gallery you sent featured on your website. Your clients want to see your latest work and if your website is out of date, your portfolio may have changed since then!
  • Niche down your services. Stop trying to be the photographer for everyone. Be the photographer for the types of sessions and clients that you LOVE. You should be excited for the inquiries that come in to you. If you’re not telling your clients the type of photography you specialize in, they’re going to reach out to you for everything – or even worse – nothing! Become the go-to photographer for a specific type of photography and show off that work!


These are just a few ways to light that fire. Not sure if these will help you? Work with us for a brand + website audit and we can give you specific tips and help you define and start attracting that ideal client.

Even better, if you’re not in love with the visuals of your brand, we would love to work with you on a custom brand + website design. We’ll work with you on your brand foundation, including defining who that ideal client is, a mission statement for your business, and differentiators to set you apart from your competition. In addition to that, we’ll provide you with a custom brand design and website design from start-to-finish.

Now is the time to make moves in your photography business. Light that spark you had when you first launched your business and let’s get you into a brand that brings you that excitement all over again!


If you’re looking to understand more about branding + how it fits into your photography business, look no further than the brand pizza! We explain each “slice” of branding and how it works for your photography business.


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Falling Out Of Love With Your Photography Business? Let’s Bring “You” Back Into It!

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You know how photographers often struggle to fill up their calendars with dream client sessions? Well, we create custom brands and websites that attract + speak to photographers’ unique clients, so they can book dream sessions over and over.

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