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Showit Web Designer

Website-related tasks piling up and getting you down?

You know you need to give your portfolio some SEO juice, clean up broken links, or incorporate a new service, but you’re dreading the time it will take—annnd worried you may break something. If you have website updates haunting your dreams and getting rewritten repeatedly in your planner, you need a Launch Your Daydream VIP Day.

"i cannot recommend this experience enough!"

Launch Your Daydream VIP Days are Ideal For:

Adding a specialty page or new pricing information to your site

Optimizing your design for mobile 

Updating forms or navigation menus

Updating your portfolio with SEO in mind

Cleaning up broken links, missing pages, and any other DIY whoopsies

Applying new branding or copy (if you have them ready to share)

Ditch the looming stress and let me knock out your whole website to-do list in a single sitting. 

A VIP Day is perfect if you love your site but know you need to make adjustments to keep it current and doing its job. When you work with Launch Your Daydream, you can rest easy that I know all the ins and outs to make your site look and run like a dream—I am an official Showit Design Partner, after all!

And with the time you’ll save from handing your updates over to a pro, you can do more shooting, editing, making TikToks of your cat, bingeing Love Island . . . I’m not here to judge. 

01. Reach out 😍

We'll begin by determining if a VIP Day is right for you. All you need to do is complete this form, and I'll contact you with any follow-up questions and schedule you if we agree it fits your needs. 

02. Do your Homework 🖥

For your VIP Day to run smoothly, I need your help up front. Depending on your task list, you may have to provide me with image files, copy, or other content assets. We'll sort this out ahead of time and ensure that deadlines are in place to keep us on track!

Here’s how it works:

03. Get the VIP Treatment 🥂

I'm dedicated to you (and only you!) on your scheduled date from 9 AM–5 PM Central. I'll need you to be available (and have access to a computer) to provide feedback and any additional content requests along the way. You’ll snuggle up in bed that night with the sweet relief of knowing your to-do list is to-done!


Investment: $850

Paid in full to reserve your day.

Find out if a VIP Day is right for you. 

Booking a VIP Day requires commitment and involvement from us both. For me to be able to dedicate time on my schedule to you and only you, I need to make sure that we've got everything we need ahead of time. Filling out this form is your first step to confirming your eligibility for a VIP Day.

Need a total site overhaul instead?

If you need an entire website refresh, check out my Website in a Week Showit template customization.