It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Emily of Emily Stewart Photo Co!

Emily Stewart is a wedding + portrait photographer serving simple and elegant couples around Peoria, Illinois by capturing memories of their love story as they start their family. We’re so lucky and grateful that Emily was referred to us by the amazing Kara Evans!

Brand Design with Kelsey

While we wanted Emily’s brand to attract her dream clients, we also wanted to make sure that it reflects HER as well. The brand vibes we established for Emily Stewart Photo Co are: classic, light, comforting, feminine, and fun.

Basically, our goal was to take Emily’s previous brand and elevate it, since her business had grown and it was time for her aesthetics to reach the next level as well. One of our favorite aspects of Emily’s new brand is the accent fabric textures. Not only does this give everything some added depth, but it also creates a comforting/welcoming vibe, which is something that Emily really wanted to communicate about her client experience!

Website Design with Britt

Emily’s new website is on our favorite website platform for photographers — Showit! When Emily’s dream clients land on her website for the first time, they immediately feel the comfort, the cozy, the breath of fresh air from her brand aesthetic. On top of that, they are instantly greeted by her gorgeous portfolio, which is sure to win over her dream clients!

As Emily’s clients scroll through her website, they’re already feeling like they know the girl behind the lens. Her photo greets them, along with handwritten fonts, and even a branded signature, so they truly feel like she is talking straight to them!

We round out the home page not only by her gorgeous portfolio, but by showing her clients that her photography business is up to date with her  blog being right there at the bottom! They’ll stay on her website that much longer now that they can see more to click into! (And that’s a big win from an SEO perspective, too!)

The rest of Emily’s website is structured cohesively, with the fabric from her brand in the background, and the handwritten fonts throughout to bring the “Emily” to the site! On top of that, they’re constantly greeted with her portfolio the entire way. Our goal was to make sure her work shines and that they feel she is approachable. Because, let’s be real. Emily is amazing and her personality shines through each and every time we get an email from her. We want to make sure her clients feel those same vibes and get super excited to reach out to her!

Congratulations on your new website, Emily! We’re so proud of you!


Now, let’s see Emily’s new brand…. ready!?


Emily, seriously…. thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have truly made this journey one that both of us had happy tears all the way through because of how sweet you are!

New Brand + Showit Website Launch — Emily Stewart Photo Co!

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