Showit is a creative website builder for creatives. It's also what I use for all of my photographer clients!

Not quite sure if Showit is right for you? Wondering how to make the switch from your current website platform? I've got all your answers right here!

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I've been a designer for years — and a designer on Showit exclusively for 3+ years now. I've designed dozens of on-brand websites on this platform that I'm confident my clients can continue to manage on their own after my custom design work is complete.

why I love (+ Trust) showit

Here are a few other reasons why I love Showit:

creative freedom to display a unique brand

Patterns, alternate logo variations and other unique design elements are essential to a unique visual brand that stands out from your competition! With Showit, you're able to bring these elements in to play in ways that will stop clients in their tracks — and get them to inquire ASAP!

Seo. seo. seo.

Did you know that one of the factors that goes into successful SEO is the amount of time that clients stay on your website? When I design on Showit for my clients, I'm always finding + creating fun and unique ways to show off content to keep clients engaged! Showit does a really great job making sure not just your desktop design looks good, but that your mobile design is optimized, too. And, I'm willing to bet more people visit your site on mobile vs. desktop!

wordpress blogging

With Showit, you get the gorgeousness of being able to design in a drag + drop platform, but you get the power of Wordpress for your blog! Blogging is super important when it comes to getting traffic to your website, so partnering up with Wordpress is one of those things that just makes me feel goOooOood as the tech nerd I am. I love that my clients get to blog in Wordpress, but still show their site in Showit that is super on-brand!

mobile customization

I said it before, but I'm going to say it again: Your mobile site needs to be killer. It needs to make people go 🤯😮😍. Because, more than likely, you have more mobile visitors to your website than you do desktop these days. Your mobile site has no excuse to be a hot mess anymore! Showit allows you to design your site in desktop AND design it separately on mobile, so you really get an incredible experience, no matter what device you use.

best support team ever

The Showit support team (+ even their knoweledge base of documentation!) is so good. They’re so sweet, so helpful, and I 100% trust them with my clients after my design work is complete. Not only can you access them via live chat, but you can even join thousands of other Showit users in Facebook groups to ask questions. Oh, did I mention the support team also uses GIFs on the regular? I feel that's important, too. 😉

let's take a quick showit tour!

If you're nervous about what to expect when jumping to a new website platform for your photography business, we don't want you to worry. Click "play" on the video below to see a little sneak peek behind-the-scenes of Showit!

Don't just take it from us...

what makes this showit website unique:

• The slow fade-in of a few blocks of text so that we could really portray the natural, chic aspects of Angie’s brand

• The slow, natural sliding of the images in slideshow galleries

• The unique design of the header, so Angie could show off multiple specialties in a way that her clients will not feel overwhelmed!

"I’ll be honest, I was so nervous to make the jump to Show it from Squarespace. I felt comfortable with Squarespace even though I could not get my website to look the way I wanted. It felt boring and like I just slapped the same template every other photographer has on my website. My website represents all that is unique to my brand and really reflects my business and sets me apart from my local competition."


what makes this showit website unique:

• The "click to inquire" button that follows as you scroll down each page of the website

• The "Favorite Things" on the bottom of Anne's About Page where you can click to see more details

• The fun timeline that shows the entire wedding photography process. This shows off the value of Anne's photography services for her wedding clients!

"I was hesitant to make the switch to Showit- I'm not typically a big fan of change- but Britt and Kels convinced me that it would be worth it, and it is! I love the layout of the design pages. I also love being able to see the side-by-side views of web vs. mobile layouts. Updating my site has been super easy and honestly, the transition was seamless! Do whatever Britt and Kels tell you to do- they're always spot on!"


what makes this showit website unique:

• The "shop" page allows for Kara's clients and photography mentors to purchase items really easily with the seamless integration with Shopify Lite!

• The "featured wedding" at the top of the blog posts page for Kara to show off a recent wedding she loved shooting

• VIDEO. Kara now offers videography services and being able to display those videos was really, really important to do!

"After using other website platforms for years, it was like a whole new world opened up when I switched to ShowIt... All thanks to Britt and Kelsey! From the accessibility and user-friendly nature to the creative control and endless possibilities for design and interactivity, ShowIt is a photographer's dream website platform! My only regret? Not switching to Showit sooner!"


you've got questions. wE'VE GOT ANSWERS!

showit faq

Q. how much does showit cost?


Showit has three website hosting packages:  One without a blog, one with a basic blog plan and one with an advanced blog plan. Each of these plans include your website hosting, access to the Showit support team (+ emergency support), access to training videos and knowing your website is safe + sound with a team that goes above + beyond to make sure all your questions are answered.

Q. Can I blog on Showit?

Q. Can I blog on Showit?

One of the best features of Showit is their partnership with Wordpress. This makes it super easy for you to write blog posts, categorize them, add in your photography portfolio, add feature images and all the details, without worrying about the design.

When you publish your blog post, that blog post will take on the design of your Showit website blog pages. Pretty cool, right? All you have to worry about is getting your blog content in your WordPress post. The rest of the design is already taken care of!

For more about how all of this works, check out this blog post where we share a walk-through video!

Q. how is showit different than squarespace?


We worked with Squarespace for about four years before we made the move to Showit for both our website and our clients. While Squarespace is a great platform for websites, Showit has allowed us to embrace a creative, brand-first approach and really customize the website design from start-to-finish. There's no need for coding (although, sometimes we do it for fun with our custom design clients!) and our clients are able to manage their website design after our design work is complete. Plus, the support team from Showit has been hands-down more helpful from our personal experience!



You will need a domain purchased separately (Google Domains is where its at!). Remember, your "hosting" will be with Showit but your domain ( will be registered and paid for elsewhere. The Showit Team will make sure that the two (your hosting with Showit + your domain) talk to each other once your website is launched live!

"Switching from Squarespace to ShowIt was an amazing move for my business. With having the freedom to make my website look exactly how I wanted it, with fun interactive features not only did I love the look of my site it paid off huge with SEO. I'm now consistently at the top of search engine rankings, pulling in ideal clients, and being able to show off more of my work in a digital space that reflects my brand."




how does launch your daydream work with showit?!

showit + launch your daydream faq

Q. DO you only design websites in showit or do you also design in other platforms?

Q. DO you only design websites in showit or do you also design in other platforms?

We only design our custom websites for photographers in Showit. We used to use Squarespace a few years back, but after using Showit and moving a few clients to it, it truly felt like the best fit for our clients. The flexibility of the platform and the brand-first approach, plus the Showit Team there to support our clients after they launch, it all truly felt like a no-brainer for us to only provide website design in Showit for our Launch Your Daydream clients.

Q. DOes your design cost include showit hosting?

Q. DOes your design cost include showit hosting?

It does not! Our design cost is something you would temporarily contract with us at Launch Your Daydream for the design work we would complete until your site launch. Showit's hosting is a separate cost and that is a payment you would make directly to Showit to keep your website safe and secure online when it is launched. Here is the cost of Showit website hosting!

Q. do you focus at all on seo when designing websites on showit?

Q. do you focus at all on seo when designing websites on showit?

YES. We do SEO keyword research for all of our clients. We then suggest the use of those keywords throughout website copy and images our clients provide us for their custom designed Showit website. From there, we set up keyword-focused Page Titles, Page Descriptions and a mobile-friendly website to make sure SEO is top of mind when designing!

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