Custom Brand & Showit Website Design for Soling Photography
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Happy Launch Day to Carolyn, a Chicago family photographer! Let’s take a peek behind-the scenes, shall we?! 

After working through the Brand Discovery phase with Carolyn, we established the following goals for her new brand aesthetic: colorful, fun, whimsical, authentic, and stress-free. 🤩⁠


A few of our fave things about this brand design are: 

🎉  The bold, unique color palette that really stands out among Carolyn’s competitors but also still compliments her fun, lively work without overpowering it. 

🎉  The colorful photo frames that give us a hand-drawn feel to emphasize the authentic, whimsical side of Carolyn’s brand.

🎉  The combination of fonts used throughout her brand that help create a balance between fun, laid-back feels while still appearing polished and professional, too.

Next, Britt took all of that and brought it to life on Carolyn’s custom Showit website. She also did research on the best SEO keywords for the images and headings to make sure traffic is regularly going to those specific keywords!⁠


A few of our fave things about this custom website design are:

🎉  The bold colors used throughout the ENTIRE site! It’s all done in an intentional way that keeps things still looking polished and fun.

🎉  Being able to show off two very special types of family photography. Carolyn has family sessions and child imagination sessions. Her portfolio is simply gorgeous and being able to showcase such a fun specialty made us smile the entire time we designed!

🎉  Showcasing how easy the process is to work with Carolyn. We’ve spelled out this process step-by-step, and still in a fun, easy-to-digest way, so her clients can see just how easy it is to book and work with Carolyn!


Congrats, Carolyn!! We loved working with you + can’t wait to see what’s next for you and your business! 💖⁠

PS:  Want to work with us on a new brand + website for your photography business, just like Carolyn did? Click here to check out the process!

Custom Brand & Showit Website Design for Soling Photography


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And within a month I had already booked 5 weddings. (I had ONE wedding the year!) Based on my success since then, I could ultimately see my business double in bookings again this year. It's been amazing!!" 

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