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This is an colorful, modern, romantic custom brand + Showit website design for wedding photographer, Courtney Lynn Photography


Introducing:  The new custom brand & Showit website design for Courtney Lynn Photography!

Courtney is a wedding photographer + mentor in Fort Worth, Texas!

Let’s take you behind-the-scenes of the brand + website design process that Courtney went through with us:


Brand Foundation:

After working through the Brand Discovery phase and establishing things like a mission statement, vision, values, differentiators, and dream client persona, we also established the following goals for Courtney’s new brand: Joyful, colorful, classic yet modern, welcoming, upscale, and fun


Brand Design:

Next, Kelsey created a custom brand design that not only embodied all of those descriptive goals, but also felt really aligned with Courtney’s personality and the unique experience she creates for her wedding clients + mentoring clients.

A few of our favorite things about this brand design are:  

  • The romantic script mixed with the high-end serif font — learning into those upscale, classic, yet modern vibes.
  • The rose patterns used throughout Courtney’s brand. Individual roses and a pattern for the website!
  • Courtney’s color palette almost EXACTLY matches the way she edits. Vibrant, colorful, and joyful all around!


Website Design:

Next, Britt took all of that and brought it to life on Courtney’s custom Showit website. She also did some research on the best SEO keywords for Courtney’s images and headings to make sure traffic was regularly going to those specific keywords!

A few of our favorite things about this custom website design are:

  • The unique header of the home page with the images on the left and keywords/mission statement on the right
  • Expectations are set across Courtney’s home page + weddings page about processes and her client experience
  • We get to show off the fact that her husband, Stephen, is also a big part of the wedding experience! #powercouple!


This is a joyful and colorful brand and Showit website design for Courtney Lynn Photography

This is a vibrant, joyful Showit web design for the home page of Courtney Lynn Photography


Congratulations on your new brand, Courtney! You were seriously so incredible to work with + we cannot wait to see what this brings for your photography business!


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Custom Brand & Showit Website Design for Courtney Lynn Photography


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