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Custom Brand & Showit Website Design for Angela Sue Photography

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Introducing:  The new custom brand & Showit website design for Angela Sue Photography!

Angela and Michael are a Bay Area husband + wife wedding photography team

Let’s take you behind-the-scenes of the brand + website design process that Angela and Michael went through with us:


Brand Foundation:

After working through the Brand Discovery phase and establishing things like a mission statement, vision, values, differentiators, and dream client persona, we also established the following goals for Angela and Michael’s new brand:  Romantic, colorful, classic, upscale, fun, light and airy.


Brand Design:

Next, Kelsey created a custom brand design that not only embodied all of those descriptive goals, but also felt really aligned with Angela and Michael’s fun personalities and the unique experience they create for their wedding photography clients.

A few of our favorite things about this brand design are:  

  • The aesthetic influence of Taylor Swift’s Lover album—the fangirls in us love that we were able to subtly incorporate something these two are big fans of, in a way that resonated with their brand goals too!
  • The combination of colorful “unicorn” glitter overlaid on the pastel clouds—it sounds like it would be overwhelming, but keeping the glitter usage super subtle makes this combo truly magical!
  • The star-shaped logo mark created from the script ‘A’ in Angela Sue!


Website Design:

Next, Britt took all of that and brought it to life on Angela and Michael’s custom Showit website. She also closely researched SEO specifics for Angela and Michael to make sure their page names, images and site set up was spot-on for keywords that are actually being searched by potential clients in their area!

A few of our favorite things about this custom website design are:

  • The movement in the “Taylor Swift Lover”-inspired clouds throughout the entire website design
  • Seeing Angela and Michael’s personalities ALL OVER THIS WEBSITE. You guys, look at their smiling faces and just how much they’ve infused their personalities throughout the entire website! They even have a hidden pricing page that has a video of them talking to their clients about the process. It’s so good. SO GOOD.
  • The fun, unique portfolio display on their “Galleries” page! Angela expressed to us that they really wanted to showcase galleries from start-to-finish for their clients, so we created a separate “Galleries” page from the “Experience” page, to make sure their “Experience” page didn’t feel too overwhelming.


This is a romantic and colorful brand and Showit website design mockup for Angela Sue Photography in Bay Area, CA

This is a colorful Showit web design for the home page of Bay Area Photographer, Angela Sue.


Congratulations on your new brand, Angela + Michael! We LOVED working with you both and we’re so excited for you two!

August 4, 2020

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