No matter how your brand has come to life for your business, it’s important to make sure you’re showing off various elements of it on your website. Your brand is what makes you different, recognizable and keeps your clients coming back to you. Your clients should instantly know your brand when they see it, no matter where they see it! And, while the aesthetic of your brand is important, there is more to your brand than just visuals.

Your website is your 24/7 marketing machine. It should do the selling for you!

Simple Step #1  — Add a Newsletter Sign Up Form

This is your one quick way into your prospective clients’ email. It doesn’t get better than that!

Design a newsletter freebie to capture the attention of your prospective clients. They can add in their name + email address, download the freebie, and boom! You have them on your mailing list to send out future promotions and any helpful information that will turn them into a paying client. When adding your newsletter sign-up to your website, make sure the wording is swapped out to reflect your voice and add some branding colors to it.

Here’s an example from one of our photography clients, Lacey O!


Simple Step #2  — Enhance Your About Page

Your About Page should not only talk all about you, but about how you can help your client.

Make sure your About Page also includes a professional head shot (not a selfie!). If you’re a photographer, get a photo of you with your camera in-hand. If you’re an event planner, get a photo of you as you’re planning your next event!

And, remember, your About Page should have your voice all over it. When you talk on your website, it should be how you talk to your client when you’re in-person or on the phone with them. One of our favorite examples of an About Page that wows us is from our client, Amanda McCoy of McCoy Artwork & Photography!


Simple Step #3  —  Bring In Your Instagram Feed

Did you know you can add your Instagram feed to your website? AND, it will automatically update? It’s a great way to bring in more of your brand aesthetic and connect people to follow your social media! You can also add a bit of verbiage above the feed to bring your voice into it!

Stephanie Barone shows her Instagram feed off on her home page. This gives her clients a feel for what to expect with the gorgeous output of her photography work!


Simple Step #4  —  Add Unique Brand Design Elements

When your brand is defined from an aesthetic perspective, we encourage you to pull out a specific element that you can use in a subtle way that people will begin to recognize.

For example, Chelsie at Chelsie Gordon Photography has diamonds that we designed as an element of her brand. These diamonds are throughout the copy, in her logo and even as the little icon in your browser when opening her website! This was a really fun way to bring about an element that Chelsie loved, with getting that brand recognition as her clients page through her colorful + fun website!


Simple Step #5  —  Define + Add Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement is SO important to include on your website. It sets the foundation of who you are, what you do, and who you do it for right there for your clients to read and understand. Making it clear as day on your website will immediately allow your clients to build trust in what you do.

An incredible example of this is Bethany at Bethany Melvin Photography. Her home page has her mission statement, along with an easy way for her clients to see her photography specialties!


Now that you’re equipped with how to bring your brand into your website,
don’t forget to celebrate and LAUNCH it to the world!

5 Simple Steps to Showing Off Your Brand on Your Website

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    Love your branding tips! These are quick ways that people can incorporate their brand into their design

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