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4 Website Mistakes that are Killing Your SEO

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These website mistakes might be killing your SEO

Are these SEO mistakes impacting your photography business?

It’s time to make sure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed by Google! We see these mistakes more often than not in our brand + website audits with photographers. 

In fact, we just did some research with 22 photographers that reached out to us to check out their SEO. We saw a mix of these issues (sometimes all four!) across the board with almost every site we audited.

1. Little to no text on your home page

This is a KILLER for SEO. If your website right now only has images, you need to get some copy on there for Google to understand. Make sure you use the H1 tag (only once) with keywords that your clients may search in Google to find you. (ex:  location, specialties, etc.)

2. Your mobile site is a hot mess

This is a non-negotiable, you guys. Your mobile site has to step up to the game. Google announced last March that they will be prioritizing mobile sites as “the” site that will be ranked before desktop in Google searches. AKA:  Get your mobile site shit together ASAP!

3. No blogging

If you’re not blogging, you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity for SEO love from Google. They want to know your website is relevant and up to date. The best way to do that is by blogging!

4. Landing page as home page

Pump the brakes on this one — because if you don’t get rid of that landing page, Google isn’t going to put up with it for long. Google needs text on your home page in order to rank you accordingly. When you’re stopping clients in their tracks with a landing page, with little text for Google to understand, it’s a lose/lose for your clients and Google!

You can’t afford to let these factors go against you. In our research with a few dozen photographers, 19% of their website inquiries came from Google searches! If you’re looking for help with this, reach out to us. We’d love to work with you!

July 4, 2019

NOTE: Trends evolve over time and some of our older blog content may no longer be up to date! Take note of the date at the top of this post and acknowledge that some things may have changed since this was initially published. :)

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