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SEO is definitely not the favorite topic for any photographer to chat about. It’s technical. It’s always changing. It’s quite frankly very ‘ew’.

It’s certainly not what you signed up for when you said you wanted to take this photography hobby into a legit, full-badass business, right?! 😉

That’s where we come in.

At Launch Your Daydream, we’re always focused on a strategy-first approach when it comes to your brand + website design. It’s one thing to have your brand + website look beautiful, but if it’s not set up to help you bring in your dream clients, what’s the point?!

SEO is a big factor in our strategy-first approach. Below, you’ll find out what we focus on for photographers that hire us for their custom brand + website design:

  1. Location-Based Keyword Research: We start the SEO process by asking you in your Website Questionnaire about the specific locations you’d like to focus your website traffic to target. Bigger cities will almost always have more Google searches, but they’ll also have more competition. Including a good mix of bigger cities, smaller cities, and even counties will help us to check your specific location to find the best keywords to target.

  2. Niche-Based Keyword Research: Once we find out your locations, we’re going to ask you which photography specialties you want to focus on for getting traffic from Google. Keep in mind, the more you niche down, the better! You really want your clients to feel like you’re speaking to them, so the more you can specialize in your favorite type of photography, the better!

  3. Research the Numbers: Once we have a combination of your location + niche based details, we’ll work behind-the-scenes to determine whether people are searching Google for any combinations of those specific keywords. Doesn’t really make sense to be #1 in keywords that nobody is searching, right?!

  4. Name Your Images: We’ll send you over which keywords we recommend based on the traffic they’re getting, along with image name recommendations as you export some of your favorites in your photography portfolio for your website design. That way, if someone searches Google Images, your images are more likely to show versus just having your default image names like “IMG-1234.JPG”. We’ll also have you export your images with specific sizing so your images load quickly, which also is a big factor for SEO. Once you upload those to Dropbox, we’ll have them ready to upload into your Showit website design!

  5. Keywords in Website Copy: Whether you provide us with website copy or we help you pull together your website copy with our fun + strategic copy exercises, we’ll make sure your new keywords are in it in all the right places, so Google pays attention. We’ll use best practices like H1, H2, H3 headings, which we’ll teach you all about in your personalized walk-through video after your website is launched!

  6. Keywords in Page Titles and Descriptions: Showit does an incredible job making sure that Page Titles, Page Descriptions and other SEO fields are surfaced for us to add in your keywords. We’ll also show you where this is when we do your personalized walk-through video!

  7. Customized Mobile Site: Are your website visitors mostly from mobile? We’ll always make sure your mobile site is user friendly, customized, and loads quickly for SEO.

In addition to ALL of these things, we always make sure that your site loads quickly, your site navigation is easy to follow, and your clients have a clear journey of the start-to-finish of your website. These are all important factors from a technical perspective that we always keep top of mind!

Ready to get started on your custom brand + website design, so you can have all the SEO love?! We’d LOVE to work with you!

What Does Launch Your Daydream Do For SEO For Your Photography Website?


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