One of the most common questions from our photographers and wedding professionals is:  How can I show my portfolio on my website?

We’ve had our clients show off their portfolios in really fun and unique ways. We’re going to show you a few examples to get you a really good visual idea of what you prefer! Ready!?

Example #1 – PoppyStone Floral Design

For Susan’s photo galleries for her floral design business, the city is showcased that the wedding was in, along with the time of year that the wedding was held. This was actually a new concept for us, but very visually-appealing and organized, especially in the floral design industry. Not only do Susan’s brides get to see weddings at the time of year they’re planning their own, but seeing various places that she has had her work showcased will give them even more location ideas!

This is one of our favorite ways to showcase galleries (and becoming very popular!). Wedding professionals and photographers are getting more and more requests to see an event or session from start to finish. In this case, once a gallery is clicked, the entire gallery is easily in view.

PoppyStone Floral Design | Floral Design Website Design | Floral Design Branding

Example #2 – Bethany Melvin Photography

Bethany’s photo galleries are showcased in various ways that we LOVE. She has a slideshow on her homepage (seriously, go see it, it’s GORGEOUS). She also has a beautiful showcased photo on each page. On her weddings and lifestyle pages, she has a sliding carousel gallery and a grid gallery showcasing more images.

If you have photos you’re constantly getting complimented on, showcase them front and center on your website!

Bethany Melvin Photography | Photography Branding | Photography Website Design

Example #3 – Stephanie Barone Photography

Take a little peek at Stephanie’s photo galleries and your jaw will drop. When designing this website, we showcased Stephanie’s portfolio in larger grid format at the top, then a longer grid gallery at the bottom.

Showcasing your galleries in various ways like this allows your clients to see your statement images larger and get that incredible first impression of your portfolio. Leading them to more photos, without more clicking, will make it that much easier on them!

Stephanie Barone Photography | Photography Branding | Photography Website Design


No matter what way you decide to showcase your portfolio, make sure everything is very easy for your clients! Sometimes when photos take up the ENTIRE screen (especially on blogs), they can feel too overwhelming. The easier, the better!

Check out the other websites in our portfolio for more ideas on how you can display your portfolio on your website!

Now that you feel confident of how to show off your portfolio on your website, make sure you’re not making these three crucial mistakes on your brand + website for your photography business!

Check out these beautiful examples of photography portfolios online.

3 Ways to Show Off Your Photography Portfolio on Your Website

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