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Showit Templates for Photographers: My Top 5 Faves

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One of the most difficult decisions to make when beginning your journey to a new website is where TF to start when it comes to design. There are SO many Showit Templates for Photographers out there! When you work with me, I’ll help guide you, but it’s totally up to you which template we use for your website!

The template you choose can and will be customized in a way that works for you and your brand, but it’s important to pay attention to layouts and content examples that feel aligned with what you need. Also, if you’re looking to jazz up your brand aesthetic, you can search for templates that have a look and feel that you’re attracted to. Think of it like choosing a new haircut. Whichever haircut you choose is important because it’s going to set the stage for the rest of your look, but you’re also going to be able to alter that look by coloring and styling your hair and choosing different outfits to pair with it. 

My point is, it’s a tough decision and an important one, but you shouldn’t stress yourself out about it too much because there’s plenty of opportunities for customization down the road. When you work with me, we’ll make whichever template you choose feel like the perfect haircut for you! 😉

To help give you a starting point, I’m sharing five of my favorite Showit Templates for Photographers below. As you scroll through and click the preview links, notice how much a template can be transformed by incorporating your own brand elements—colors, fonts, images, logos, etc.

1. Memoir by Northfolk Co.

Why I love it: unique placement and layering of images and moving galleries to create really intriguing depth. Overall, a really bold and fun design to work with!

2. Lively by With Grace and Gold

Why I love it: simple, polished, and easy-to-navigate! I also love the layering used in the home page header layout and testimonial canvases.

3. Franklin by Buffalo Collective

Why I love it: modern yet organic design elements—I love the fonts so much that I updated my client’s logos to match! (See example below)

4. Taylor by Elizabeth McCravy

Why I love it: playful yet thoughtfully balanced design elements. The borders/placement of photos makes them look like printed images which is just so fun!

5. Clover Club by Tonic Site Shop

Why I love it: simple, elegant, and upscale—perfect for a luxury wedding photographer. This is one of the most requested templates from my clients so far!

Feeling inspired yet?! I know I am! These 5 amazing templates are just a few of the HUNDREDS out there. Learn more about my template customization process here and reach out when you’re ready to get started on your own!

Pro-tip: if you choose to purchase from any of the designers linked here, make sure you use code ‘launchyourdaydream’ for a discount on your template!



November 22, 2022

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