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4 of the Best Tonic Site Shop Showit Template Customizations

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We may be biased… but we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best photographers in the game to customize their Showit templates with the help of our friends over at Tonic Site Shop! Thanks to our network of trusted Showit template designers, we’re able to build brands that our clients will love (and our clients can purchase their templates at a discount with our coupon codes!).

Take a peek at four photographers we had the pleasure of working with on templates from Tonic.

Meraki Portrait

Alicia from Meraki Portrait came to us with the Paper Plane template from Tonic with dreams of creating a brand that’s bright and bold with a little bit of contrast. Her website is one of our biggest transformations with a template due to how different her colors are from the original!

If you’re worried that you can’t make a big change with a template, don’t be. Alicia’s new brand is proof that anything is possible!

Sarah Jane Photography

Just like Alicia, Sarah from Sarah Jane Photography also purchased Tonic’s Paper Plane template for us to customize (it’s a pretty popular template, so we’ve actually used it quite a few times for our clients!). We kept her colors neutral and even used the template’s fonts to freshen up her logo.

Here’s something we want to mention–even though Alicia and Sarah both purchased the same template, their websites are completely different, as you can see. People often worry that purchasing a template means that their website is going to look like everyone else’s, but that’s not the case–it’s why you hire us, of course! It’s a lot of fun to be able to take one starting point and completely transform it into something that’s unique, different, and true to you.

Kara Evans Photography

Kara from Kara Evans Photography came to us with a brand that she had already upleveled in the past year but needed someone (us!) to create additional graphics and help bring it to life. She used Tonic’s French 75 template, and we incorporated some floral elements to customize things a bit further.

Kara is an example of not needing a total overhaul of your brand in order to work with us. Our template customization is perfect for the photographers who already have a brand in place but just want to enhance it!

Ben Hartley

As our first Showit template customization client, we have a lot of love for Ben! He purchased Tonic’s Margarita template, and we kept the same fonts and colors as the original template. That’s something important to keep in mind, too–although it’s fun to do an overhaul of a template, if you like how it is and either want to keep it the same or make a few slight tweaks, that’s absolutely okay.

Who would have thought that his request for us to do something we don’t typically offer would turn into the only service we offer?! We couldn’t stop smiling during Ben’s project and knew that working with him was our sign.

Does looking at these gorgeous updating templates have you thinking about template customization for your Showit website? Learn more about our process and how we can work with you to make your dream come to life!

April 29, 2022

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