Whether or not to list pricing on your photography website is the #1 question we get from our clients when we design their website.

Of course, there are pros and cons to listing pricing on your website. Price shoppers and competition top the list of why most photographers do not show their prices in full-detail. And, we get it! We know competition can be really, really scary.

But, what if we told you there was a happy medium to all of this? What if you could make sure future clients knew about your pricing, but it gave you room for building your price up from there?

We recommend listing a few sentences or bullet points about the experience your clients can expect for a specific photography service and following it with a “starting at” price.

This will give your ideal clients an idea of whether you’re in their budget — and not feel so intimidated to reach out to you.

From there, your ideal clients can reach out to you via your contact form on your website. Once you start the conversation, you can send them a detailed pricing guide that has more details on specifics with your services.

Ready to see a few examples of starting at pricing?

  • Kara Evans – Kara does an amazing job describing her services and giving her clients a feel for what to expect. She also provides starting at pricing, so clients who reach out to her already have an idea of where their quote will be.
  • Bethany Melvin – Bethany gives us #allthefeels when we read her wedding photography experience description with starting at pricing. She does an amazing job describing how she’s going to capture the love story of her clients. It’s your love story, brag a little. Still one of our absolute favorite taglines we’ve seen from a wedding photographer!
  • Golden Aura Photography – Emily starts each of her specialties with a beautiful quote. From there, she describes the “why” someone would invest in these services, really pulling on the heart strings of her clients. Then, she follows that with starting at pricing.


Don’t overthink it when it comes to presenting your pricing to your clients! If they can get a sneak peek of the experience, and a sneak peek of the pricing, you’ll be able to present them even more reasons why they should work with you when they contact you.

It’s time to start attracting + booking those higher paying photography clients. Make sure the experience on your website is one that brings them to contact you!

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See the pros and cons of showing your pricing on your photography website.

Should You Show Pricing on Your Photography Website?

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