If you haven’t heard of Dubsado, and you’re a photographer, it’s time to pay attention. This client management system is loaded with so many unique features that will not only make the experience working with you a freakin’ breeze for your clients, but it’ll take SO much weight off your shoulders.

Remember, the experience you provide your photography clients is your brand. It’s exactly what will bring them (+ their friends!) back to you for more bookings. #goals, right?

Dubsado is classified as “CRM” software, which stands for “Client Relationship Management” software. You simply log in to your account and you have instant access to all the information you’ve sent and received from your clients. Sounds like a dream, right?

We want to give you a sample photography experience that showcases the incredible features of Dubsado to make all of this super easy for you to visualize! Ready!?

From Website Visitor to Client:

1. Your prospective client lands on your photography website (yay!). They’re loving everything and they go to your contact page to reach out to you.  This is the first place Dubsado steps in! You can create what is called a “lead capture form” in Dubsado and add the code to your website. Now, when your prospective client fills out that form on your website, their information will be emailed to you AND it’ll be in your Dubsado account as a “lead”. (A “lead” is a sales term for a client before they’re contractually a client!)

2. You get an email notifying you that someone has reached out to you on your website. You then log in to Dubsado, click “leads” and find all their information here. Ready to make things super simple? You can use a “canned email” to easily respond back to that client. This will save you SO much time, as you can have most of the information you send back to inquiries. Of course, warm it up with including information they’ve provided you, but 90% of that heavy lifting of your response is already done! You can even have an automated response go back to your client via email, too!

3. Let’s say that prospective client really feels like the right fit (woohoo!), you may have already met in-person or via Skype with your prospective client. Or, maybe you wait until after they sign with you. Whatever the case, whip up that contract and invoice right in Dubsado. You can even use sample templates they have from their template library to give yourself a head start!

4. Use a canned email template to send that contract + invoice. Bada bing, bada boom — when that prospect becomes a client, you better believe you’ll get an email notification that your contract was signed and invoice was paid! (We celebrate by ice cream over here…)


From Client to Super Excited Client:

1. Now that your new client is officially your client (yay!), you can give them access to their own portal from Dubsado. In here, they can access the contract they just signed, their invoices, and anything you sent them while they’re your client.

2. Depending on your process, it might be time to send your client a questionnaire, especially if you’re a wedding photographer. Get to know them, get them to know your process. Oh, and use Dubsado’s template library again to help you build that questionnaire. And, hey, even a canned email to send it out to them!

3. As you coordinate your session with your client, you can house everything right in Dubsado. When it’s time to make any final payment before your photography session, simply send them their final invoice right in Dubsado with just a few clicks.


Other Dubsado Features That YOU (and even your photography clients!) will LOVE:

  • Dashboard:  This dashboard shows financial goals, open invoices, and recent happenings in your business. It’s a great way to get the low-down on upcoming events, tasks, and invoices that need to be paid.
  • Workflows:  These are HUGE and can really help save time in your photography business. Workflows help you to automate your business processes, based on specific actions you set. Check out more details on workflows straight from the Dubsado Team here!
  • Accounting:  All your invoices, transactions and reports can be found right in Dubsado.
  • Time Tracker:  Taking care of an hourly project or have a VA you’re bringing in to your biz? Use the time tracker to keep track of this time and invoice it all in one spot!


Remember, your brand is the entire experience that your clients have when working with you. That includes internal business processes and using systems that work for you and them!

To find out more about what else goes into your brand, download our free guide for photographers!


Using Dubsado to Take Your Photography Biz to The Next Level

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