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How Do I Know if Showit is Right for My Photography Business?

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How do you know if Showit is right for your photography business? Click here to read more


Is Showit the best choice for your photography business?

You already know how much we love Showit — but how can you make sure that it’s the best platform for you + your photography business?! We’d say about 95% of the time, we’d recommend it for photographers.

(But, guys, what about that freakin’ 5%?! DO I FALL IN THERE?!)

Whoa, calm down. 😉 Let’s jump in and find out, shall we?!

Showit is a drag + drop website platform for photographers. Literally drag + freakin drop. So, if easily being able to make changes to your website is on the top of your list, Showit should be looking pretty freakin’ awesome right about now.

Can you show off a few different photography specialties?

Of course you can! Now, keep in mind, you don’t want to “specialize” in TONS of niches of photography. Because, is that really specializing?! But, let’s say you offer both wedding and family photography. You can totally set up your Showit website (in a few different ways!) to accommodate both very easily.

You might be thinking: You guys, I get it. You love Showit. But WHAT ABOUT THAT 5%?! Who would you NOT recommend Showit to!?

We wouldn’t recommend Showit to anyone looking to host a TON of products with multiple variations right on their Showit site. There are ways to sell products with third-party providers (we use Shopify Lite!), but it’s best to keep it simple from a product perspective with Showit.

We also wouldn’t recommend Showit to anyone that NEEDS phone support. Their team does have live chat, email and emergency email support, but no phone support. We can tell you with first-hand experience, though, their support team is FREAKIN’ awesome. Like, SO good. They’re sweet, they’re knowledgeable, and they’ve never left us (or any of our clients) with a bad taste in our mouths.

Still trying to figure out if Showit is the right platform for you + your photography business? Schedule a FREE 30-minute strategy call with us! We’d love to help you make sure it’s the best website decision for your photography business!






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December 14, 2019

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Showit is a creative website builder for photographers. It's also what we use for all of our design clients!

Not quite sure if Showit is right for you? Wondering how to make the switch from your current website platform? We've got all your answers right here!


By the way, I'm not a photographer—I'm a designer and strategist FOR photographers. For the past 5 years, LYD has worked directly with a variety of photographers to not only create unique brands + websites for them, but to also ensure that those websites are getting consistent and relevant traffic.

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