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Why is Showit Worth the Investment? | Showit Designers for Photographers

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Ever wonder if Showit would be worth the investment?  Read more to learn why it is!

Sticker shock, you guys. Isn’t it the worst? And, isn’t it the worst when you feel like you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to invest in something for your photography business but the price makes you want to throw up a little bit?

Well, we’re here to tell you that we get it. We also know how CRUCIAL it is to have an on-brand website for your photography business that can do some of the heavy lifting marketing for you. So, why would you NOT want to invest in your website if it’s going to make your business life SO much easier in the long run?!

We typically recommend the middle or top-tier packages for Showit hosting. These packages allow you to blog (or migrate a blog) and also gives you access to plugins to enhance your blog.

But, let’s talk about WHY Showit is REALLY worth the investment!:

  • Creativity of being able to display a unique brand. If you’ve worked with us to design a custom brand + website, you know that we provide you with more than just a logo. Patterns, alternate logo variations and other unique design elements are essential to a unique visual brand that stands out from your competition! With Showit, we’re able to bring these elements in to play in ways that will stop clients in their tracks — and get them to inquire ASAP!
  • SEO. SEO. SEO.  Did you know that one of the factors that goes into successful SEO is the amount of time that clients are on your website? When we design on Showit for our clients, we’re always finding + creating fun and unique ways to show off content to keep clients engaged!
  • WordPress blogging. If you land on any Showit site with a blog (pssst, this one!), that blog post was written in WordPress. Our clients that are on Showit have the opportunity to have plug-ins and the power of WordPress supporting their blog. Woohoo!
  • Mobile customization. When designing your Showit site, we also design your mobile site. That’s right! If you want some content exclusive to mobile or desktop, easy breezy!
  • Site backup + security. Need to revert back to a save you made on your site yesterday? No problem! Have a huge issue because of a wonky plug-in you downloaded by mistake? They have emergency support ready to help!
  • The BEST support team on the planet. Speaking of support, the Showit support team is seriously awesome. They’re so sweet, so helpful, and we 100% trust them with our clients after our design work is complete. Oh, and they use GIFS. 😉

What more could you ask for when looking for a host for your photography website?! But, if you still have questions on capabilities, reach out to us! We’d be happy to answer your questions!

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December 31, 2019

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Showit is a creative website builder for photographers. It's also what we use for all of our design clients!

Not quite sure if Showit is right for you? Wondering how to make the switch from your current website platform? We've got all your answers right here!


By the way, I'm not a photographer—I'm a designer and strategist FOR photographers. For the past 5 years, LYD has worked directly with a variety of photographers to not only create unique brands + websites for them, but to also ensure that those websites are getting consistent and relevant traffic.

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