Last year’s blog post about last minute gift ideas for photographers was so popular, we wanted to bring you all an updated 2018 version!

We asked photographers! We were sent a few of these ideas, we found some ideas and ran it by those photographers and below are the results that we landed on with everybody. We loved learning what would make big smiles happen for our favorite photographers during the holiday season!

NONE of the links below are affiliate links. These are simply ideas that our photographer friends shared with us that they would love to open. Are you ready!?

Make Life Easier!

Cord Organizers – If doesn’t matter if you’re a dog lover or cat lover, these are the cord organizers for you! These fun little guys help photographers to organize all the cords that come along with their equipment — from USB cords, to earbuds and other cables that always land in pockets or tangled in the bottom of a camera bag!

The Mini Tog Purse – Tired of scaring the sh*t out of yourself when you almost lose an SD card? Keep all your cards in one spot and safe while you travel with The Mini Tog Purse!

Camera Wrist Strap – Make sure that camera is secure at all times! We love this camera wrist strap, especially in this teal color. Other colors available, too!

Wear It!

Shhh, It’s Editing Day T-Shirt – We KNOW how tedious editing days can be. Why not wear this sassy t-shirt while you do it to make it a bit more fun!?

Personalized Camera Strap – C’mon, how adorable is this!? Get your camera strap personalized with your name or business name!

Chasing Dreams T-Shirt – This is one of our favorite t-shirts that was suggested over to us. All of us are changing our dreams — and launching them, of course. 😉

I Can’t. I Have a Wedding T-Shirt – We all know that weekends are TOUGH during wedding season! Take a peek at this fun shirt to keep your spirits up when busy season is in full force!

Treat Yo’self!

Foot Creme – Photographers are ALWAYS on their feet! Give them this little stocking stuffer to let them put their feet up and relax whenever they’re able!

Face Masks – We were recently told about Paula’s Choice skin care products. After trying them ourselves, seeing the amazing reviews and seeing how amazing their customer service is, we had to make sure to link them here for our favorite photographers!

All Natural Bath Bombs – Ease those aches from your sessions by using these all natural bath bombs, full of essential oils and all the good vibes to bring on that much needed relaxation!



Do you have a gift idea for photographers that you’d like to share?!
Let us know in the comments below!

2018 Edition! >> Last Minute Gift Ideas for Photographers!

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