Sounds a little scary, right?

You’ve owned this photography business for years. You’ve had this website since day one. All of the images on your website, the blogs, everything. It can be overwhelming (and, let’s face it, a little sad!) to get rid of your first website!

Before you panic, though, let’s see if it’s time for you to change to a new website platform. If any (or all) of these apply to you, it’s probably time to start looking at a new platform for your photography website!

You haven’t updated your website in months (or years!)

We hear this constantly when photographers work 1-on-1 with us. They launched their website years ago, maybe added a few blogs, but then #hellobusyseason! Busy season turns into always busy — which turns your website into a ghost town. Yes, you CAN still be booking clients with a not-so-great website. But, when it comes to raising those prices and new clients finding you on Google, that is where making sure your website is up to date is so important.

Your mobile site looks like sh*t

We cannot stress this enough. More than half of website visitors are looking at your website from their phone. If they cannot easily navigate your website on their phone, or it just looks like crap on mobile, you’re not giving them the best experience before working with you. Also, your website won’t show up on Google when clients type in keywords if your mobile site isn’t up to par!

You don’t feel comfortable making updates to your website

Whether you put together your website yourself, or you had a friend or a designer do it years ago, you’re afraid to break something any time you update it. Your website should continue to grow with your business. That means being comfortable making verbiage/copy updates, changes to your portfolio, and adding new blog posts.

You don’t receive inquiries on your website

Sure, you may be booking through direct emails or Facebook messages. But, you’re not seeing the inquiries straight from your website. If you’re not seeing the traffic, or the inquiries, it’s time for an upgrade!

It just doesn’t match up with the experience you provide your clients

Simple as that. If your brand and website don’t feel like they aesthetically match up with where you’re at in your photography business, it’s time to make a change!


If you’re thinking it’s time for a brand and website update, don’t hesitate to contact us! And, hey, maybe you don’t need to completely change website platforms, but maybe you need some professional assistance to simply bring your brand to the next level. Either way, we’ve got you covered. 😉

Once you feel confident about that website platform, it’s time to make sure you’re not making these three other crucial mistakes on your brand + website!





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Is it Time to Change Your Website Platform?

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