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How Does Blogging Work with Showit?

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If you’re a photographer, one of the best ways to market your photography business is by blogging. Whether you’re blogging about recent sessions, vendors you work with, or networking events you attend, it’s a great way to show off your brand and get it in front of those dream clients!

You might have tossed around the idea of moving to Showit, but the thought of moving to a new website platform can feel really scary. Especially if you’ve never blogged before or even if you have pages full of amazing blog content. How can you make sure everything you have is moved over and super easy to keep up with on Showit?

You have nothing to worry about. We’re here today to show you how blogging works with Showit! We want you feeling 100% confident with some of this “behind-the-scenes” stuff, so you feel that much more comfortable choosing Showit as your website platform!

Let’s show you how everything will work with your Showit blog:

The Design

When we design your new Showit website, it includes designing two pages for your blog. The first one is designing a blog “landing” page, where your clients can see all your blog posts. The second page we design is the individual blog post page design. When someone clicks on your post, this is the design they’ll see with your blog post content.

The Content

One of the best features of Showit is that your blogging is done in WordPress. This makes it super easy for you to write blog posts, categorize them, add in your photography portfolio, add feature images and all the details, without worrying about the design.

When you publish your blog post, that blog post will take on the design of your Showit website blog pages. Pretty cool, right? All you have to worry about is getting your blog content in your WordPress post. The rest of the design is already taken care of!

Moving Current Blog Content

Here’s the BEST part! If you have a current photography blog, the Showit Team takes care of the blog migration for you. We’ll tag them after your entire site design is done for them to go in and take care of moving your blog over for you! For more details on this specific to your current website host, check here!

Feeling a little less anxious about switching to Showit? Reach out to us and let us work with you to design a new brand + Showit website for your photography business!

February 26, 2019

NOTE: Trends evolve over time and some of our older blog content may no longer be up to date! Take note of the date at the top of this post and acknowledge that some things may have changed since this was initially published. :)

Showit is a creative website builder for photographers. It's also what we use for all of our design clients!

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