There are systems you can put in place for ALL different parts of your business. Today, we’re going to talk about systems that can help you with your content on social media and your website!

It’s time to think of your content as a way for you to show that you’re the expert. As our amazing friend, Maria Bayer, says: “If you don’t believe 100% in what you do for your clients, how can you expect them to believe in you?” — it’s true!

If you don’t start that mindset change that YOU are the go-to person in your field for your clients, your clients won’t believe you are. Simple as that.

Struggling with content?

The easiest way to come up with content is to think about questions people ask you ALL THE TIME. You can even link your clients to some of your go-to blog posts in your correspondence with them. For example, If you’re a wedding photographer, your Instagram posts or blog posts (or both!) can answer questions like: What should you wear to your engagement session? Which formal photos are recommended on your wedding day? Do you recommend a first look? What are your favorite gift ideas for a bridal party?

Schedule it ahead of time!

Let your content do your talking and plan it out ahead of time. Stop letting it disrupt your everyday business life. We faced this ourselves and it was a constant womp womp to our week when we realized we got EVERYTHING ELSE done, except Instagram and a new blog post. At Launch Your Daydream, we use Later (it’s free!) to schedule our Instagram content out for 30 days right from our desktops. We come up with blog content and schedule them to post automatically at specific dates + times.

Build that sales funnel!

Your sales funnel is the process your client goes through before they’re a client. Every client’s journey may be a little bit different, and that’s okay, but take a look at your client experience to make sure it is the best first impression.

This activity will help you brainstorm the various ways your clients may enter and experience your sales process. You’ll notice that for most of this exercise, we will be focused on how your website can do the heavy lifting – so when your prospective client reaches you, it’s a no-brainer.



This walk-through video that will show you exactly how to design an effective sales funnel within your website. Your website should be your 24/7 marketing machine. Make sure that it’s working for YOU!



It’s time to get in front of your biz and show off your expertise. You + your business deserve it!

Setting Up Creative Business Systems That WORK!

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We're the type of gals who love laughing until we cry, giving giant rocking hugs when we see people we love, and designing until our clients are ecstatic.

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We're Britt + Kelsey!

We're the type of gals who love laughing until we cry, giving giant rocking hugs when we see people we love, and designing until our clients are ecstatic.



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