Remember when we told you about the Brand Discovery Phase?

Once this phase is complete, it’s time for the Brand Design Phase! Woohoo! We always tell our clients to sit back and relax in this part of the branding process. At this point, they’ve already filled out the questionnaire and pinned some aesthetic inspiration on Pinterest. It’s time for them to take a breather!


Brand Design Phase | Branding Design for Photographers and Wedding Professionals

During the Brand Design Phase, Kelsey works with our clients to bring the aesthetics of their brand to life: A mood board for brand aesthetic vibes, multiple logo variations, color palette, potential patterns, fonts, and even bringing any clarity of taglines/brand words they might have had a tough time with in their questionnaire + worksheets in the Brand Discovery Phase.

The first step Kelsey takes in the Brand Design Phase is to begin putting a collage together that shows visual vibes that our clients want their brand to represent. These usually consist of various images that have potential brand colors, text with quotes that give the brand vibes, or certain design elements that our client identifies with.

Kelsey takes a few images pinned by our client, along with other similar images, and puts them into a moodboard with a proposed color palette. Once our client gives the thumbs up on the mood board, it’s time for the logo design to begin!

Kelsey takes it back to basics for the logo design. AKA: pencil and paper. Our goal is to make sure no single brand design is the same as another. To do that, logo concepts are first sketched out before being digitally brought in to Illustrator for finessing.

Once a primary logo design is perfected, multiple variations of that logo are designed. Nobody wants a logo that has to be smushed to fit on social media, right!? These logo variations help to fit social icons, watermarks on images (looking at you, photographers!), and provide another option (aside from the primary logo) for marketing materials.

At this point, since the logos are done, Kelsey has a good idea of the fonts that will be a part of the brand design. This also means she doesn’t use any more than 3 fonts in the brand design, in order to keep cohesiveness and intention throughout. If it feels appropriate with the brand, she’ll also put together a few custom patterns for the brand!

Finally, when it comes to wrapping it all up, it’s put together in a beautiful brand board for the client. This brand board shows ALL the logos (primary, social, watermark, alternate, etc.), color palette, fonts and patterns.

You’ll notice that we do NOT send multiple logo “concepts” to our clients. We actually used to do this and found out that it was actually causing overwhelm for our clients! Instead, we send one complete brand board from, so our clients can see the entire proposed brand from start to finish, instead of just a single logo. But, don’t worry, they get multiple revisions to that custom brand board, so it’s definitely not an end-all-be-all with that first round… unless they love it from the start, of course. 😉

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Behind The Scenes Of LYD: Our Brand Design Process

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We're Britt + Kelsey!

We're the type of gals who love laughing until we cry, giving giant rocking hugs when we see people we love, and designing until our clients are ecstatic.



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