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wtf is branding?!

so, um...

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• You have a logo and a color palette for your photography business — but you're not sure what else your brand needs to feel super connected to it

• You feel like your clients are pretty happy overall, but you don't feel confident in what they may tell their friends + family about your business

• You're not very tech savvy, so the thought of branding (or re-branding) your photography business is really scary + overwhelming for you

does this feel familiar?

We'll show you a photographer-specific example of how branding works in a photography business

what does this freebie include?


You'll learn + understand why each slice is essential to a successful photography business 

in-depth description of each branding slice

We're giving you specific items to think about for each slice to get you excited (and not scared!) of branding (or re-branding) your photography business

action steps for each of the brand slices

Now that you have all the information you need, we'll provide you with suggestions of how to realistically apply it all to your photography business!

next step suggestions

An easy way to understand and break down branding for your photography business — and how to tackle each slice one-by-one

the brand pizza way of branding