You probably already know that branding is more than just a logo. With branding being the entire experience that your clients have when working with you, it all starts with a strong core business foundation. Because, let’s be real. If you’re a shit show behind-the-scenes of your biz, eventually that will start to surface to clients.

Everyone has a reason for “why” they started their business. Actually, you probably have more than just one reason, if you really sit and think about it!

More work/life balance? To steer clear of the corporate world? Because you have a skill or passion that you’re ready to make your own? Maybe you experienced something in your life that drew you to starting this business?

No matter the reason for starting your business, it was enough reason to drive you to do it. Now that you’re in this business, it’s super easy to get caught up in taking care of your clients all day, every day. What’s not so easy to do? Taking care of you and your mindset of being a business owner.

Remember, this isn’t a “little hobby” of yours anymore… or maybe it never even was in the first place! It’s your responsibility, as a business owner, to make sure you set boundaries, forgive yourself for mess ups (because we ALL have them) and remind yourself why you started this business in the first place.

Here are a few tips to help you switch that mindset from “run over” to “badass biz owner”:

  • Set business hours and stick to them. Put them in your email signature. Don’t respond back to clients at all hours of the night. Our favorite tip from wedding photographer + mentor, Kara Evans, is to use Boomerang for Gmail! That way, if you do work better at night (which some of us do!), Boomerang for Gmail will hang on to that email and send it out during your business hours.
  • Set at least one day each month (more than that, if possible!) to just take care of internal business “stuff”. Update your website, create content for a month, review your client experience to make sure everything feels good.
  • Let yourself step away and take a day off. Put that out of office on, girl! Remember in your 9-5 job when you would actually have days off you could take? Who knew you could do that in your own business, too!? 😉


If you think of your business as only being this “little baby biz”, that’s what it will continue to be. And, to be completely transparent with you: That’s the kind of client you will attract. You’ll attract the type of client that feels like your business is just a “little hobby” for you, so they’ll be less likely to treat it (and you!) with the respect it deserves.

Little do they know, there’s a lady behind that business hustling her ass off to up her prices. She’s trying to stand out from her competition and make ends meet. That lady is trying to uplevel her business, while combating clients that don’t even see her business AS a business. Sound familiar?

When you start respecting yourself and your time, you’ll begin to attract clients that respect it, too. Set those expectations up front and stick by them throughout your client experience. Step away from the guilt of having to do #allthethings, so you can clearly focus during those business hours.

And, yes, that does mean no waking up at 2am to respond to a text from a wedding client that doesn’t have their wedding until next year. 😉

Stop Feeling Run Over — And Shift That Mindset to Badass Business Owner

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