It happens to all of us. We go through a crazy busy season of business each year, and then at some point, things seem to fizzle out a bit. This rings especially true for business owners in the wedding industry. Well, when client inquiries start to slow down, this isn’t such a bad thing! Take advantage of slow season and spend some time working on growing your business internally. You know all of those little tasks you push aside when you’re swamped with clients? Now is the time to made headway on those tasks before things start to pick up again!


Here are five things that we recommend ALL business owners take care of during any downtime:

1.  Update Those Marketing Materials

When’s the last time you glanced over at the materials you’re sending to customers or vendors?  How do your business cards look? Are your social media accounts in sync with your brand identity? Have your processes or prices changed in the last few months, or should they going in to your next busy season?

One of the best ways to provide an incredible first impression is to provide your customers with a welcome magazine. This can include information about you, your process, pricing, services you offer, testimonials, and of course your beautiful portfolio of work to wow potential clients! Stop over at Captured Elegance Design to get a custom designed welcome magazine for your business and save time on this marketing materials update!

2.  Review Your Contracts

Think back to your customers/clients in the last few months. Is there anyone that tried to push the limits with your services? Is there something that you may need to add in to your contract or privacy policy? Think about the hours you’re dedicating to your clients, the items you’re providing them, and expectations you’d like them to have.

In need of a contract for your business? Rachel Brenke is the queen of contracts, and everything surrounding them. You can visit her photography contracts here and everything else here!

3.  Get Social Media Scheduled

How’s that Instagram and Facebook page looking these days!? If they could use a little refresh, gather up the best of the best of your work during your busy season and show it off to customers! Not quite sure what to post on Instagram or feeling overwhelmed? Check out our Insta-Branding for Creative Business Owners Workbook!

We use Later to schedule out anything for Launch Your Daydream right from our desktop! It allows us to sit down and really think about what we’re adding in to each of our posts before making them public. It’s free for up to 30 posts per month and allows you to schedule out Instagram AND Facebook! You can also preview how your feed will look to keep things cohesive, which is one of our fave features.

4.  Write + Schedule Blog Posts

Speaking of scheduling content, get those blog posts written up and ready to publish during slow season! If you’re a photographer, post a roundup of your busy season; some of your favorite galleries. If you’re an event planner, post tips for your upcoming brides and grooms about things they can keep in mind for their big day. Calligrapher? Show off videos of your beautiful work (and tag us because we’re obsessed with these on Instagram)!

Did you know that you can schedule blog posts in Squarespace and Showit? Simply type up the post and you can schedule it to automatically post at a later date. This is a great way to also schedule out social media content, too!

Struggling to come up with content ideas? Use this freebie for photographers for 10 content ideas that will work for your photography business!

5.  Oh, hey! Consider a Rebrand!

You didn’t think we’d let you escape this post without bringing up your brand identity did you?!

Even if you work with another professional to design your brand and/or website, time should always be set aside and dedicated to a project like this. Never get involved in a big project like a re-brand during your busiest season. Plus, if you’re working with an awesome designer, they will request and require your feedback throughout the duration of the project. Keep the project contained and don’t let it draw out too long. You’ll lose your vision and your designer has likely scheduled out other customer projects before and after yours.

If you’re looking for a brand and website design, check out our current offerings and feel free to reach out with any questions!

The Slow Season Slump: 5 Things You Can Do For Your Biz When Client Work Slows Down

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