January was all about setting your 2018 goals, right?

You may have seen business owners all over Instagram with their planners + Powersheets (us included!) — and maybe you felt like you didn’t even know where to start with setting goals for you + your business.

In our previous businesses, we rarely set any goals. It almost felt too premature or maybe even a bit fluffy because we just wanted to “keep doing what we were doing” and kind of “hope for the best”.

It’s a mindset change and a TOTAL game changer when you start thinking and planning ahead for your business. Working towards a vision you defined (which maybe you don’t even realized you’ve defined!) when you started your business can help you not only achieve business success, but personal fulfillment, too.

It all starts with working up a vision for the future of your business and figuring out the specific steps it takes to get there. Let’s show you how to figure out those specific goals, set them and get started without feeling that overwhelm!

Step #1 – Imagine your business in the next 3-5 years + write down specifics about it!

What kinds of clients are you working with? What specific work is it that you do? Are you the only employee? What incomes streams do you have working for your biz? Any passive income? Do you do any business travel? If so, what specifically for? What’s your work schedule like?

Step #2 – Now, look for your income streams within this vision. What’s bringing in that cash money?

A new photography offering? Wholesaling a product of yours? Do you hold virtual or in-person paid workshops? Mentoring others within your field?

Step #3 – What is ONE step you can take in the next 1-2 months for EACH of these income streams to make them start to become a reality?

Find + sign up for a photography class? Sign up for a bridal show to showcase your business? Find venues that may be interested in holding in-person workshops? Create your first online product?



Now that you have some ideas going, it’s time to actually DO them!

Business Weekly Goals - Checklist - Mindset


Hold yourself accountable to doing them each week by downloading the FREE Weekly Check-Up Worksheet that we’ve designed just for you! The first worksheet will show you exactly how to fill it out. The second one is for you to print out and hold yourself to each and every week until those goals are accomplished!

If you want to see a walk-through of these worksheets (and a peek in to how we structure our weekly meetings) check out the video below!

Setting Biz Goals Without #alltheoverwhelm

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