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It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Christine Franco in Somerset, MA!

We can’t WAIT to show you guys this new brand + Showit website. Not only is Christine’s work freakin’ GORGEOUS, but heyoooo, she’s a Backstreet Boys fan, too! Christine reached out to us initially for a brand + website audit of her previous wedding photography brand + was referred to us by the amazing Samantha Grant!

Once we took care of Christine’s brand + website audit, she came right back to us and wanted us to take care of EVERYTHING we recommended for her! We couldn’t wait to jump in — and we can’t wait to show you guys the results!

Brand Design with Kelsey

When Christine completed her brand + website questionnaire (the first step in the process of working with us!), she indicated she needed teal or aqua in her color palette. She also mentioned wanting some sparkly elements somewhere in her brand, too! Um, twist our arms, right?

The design goals we established for the new Frozen in Time Photography brand were:  romantic, emotional, high-end, elegant, whimsical, but still fun, too! In an effort to nod to the idea of “frozen” in time, our overall look and feel were inspired by snow/ice. The combination of lace, white glitter texture, and the cool color palette, all help us achieve a winter-inspired brand that feels upscale, elegant, and fun! Additionally, those romantic vibes are really emphasized with the use of Christine’s script font, which we felt was truly essential to have in her new brand aesthetic.


Website Design with Britt

Christine’s new website reminds me of a magical, surreal winter wonderland. And, since winter is my favorite season, I couldn’t pull myself away from working on it! The photos we chose to feature on Christine’s new site, especially in the main header, show off the emotional and fun vibes of each of her wedding photography clients! Christine really does a great job capturing the emotion, and, dare we say — freezing a moment in time. 😉

The know, like, and trust factor of the new Frozen in Time Photography brand is felt throughout Christine’s entire website in the following ways:

  • “New England Wedding Photographer for Couples Looking For an Unforgettable Wedding Photography Experience” – Right at the top of Christine’s new website, her New England couples are already curious to see what kind of wedding photography experience they can expect with working with her. (Which, of course, we dive into in detail on her website!)
  • Unique Showcase of Portfolio – Christine’s clients can get a feel for her portfolio not just in the bigger photo at the top of the page, but also another portrait-style photo from that wedding, too!
  • Introducing Christine on the Home Page – Clients are going to invest in YOU! Of course, your work is super important, too, but they want to put a face to their investment. We couldn’t wait to show off Christine right here on her home page and encourage her clients to click to learn more about her!
  • Testimonials on Home Page – Christine’s previous website had a separate reviews page. We always love showing off reviews naturally throughout the website copy, just to make sure the testimonials are easily read!
  • Fun Facts on About Page – Our absolute FAVORITE part of Christine’s site to design was her fun facts — and not just because she mentions the Backstreet Boys. 😉  We LOVE learning more about our clients + we LOVE when they want to show off those fun facts to attract their ideal clients, too! Connecting over personal, fun facts can really make a huge difference in booking that dream client. 😉
  • What You Can Expect – Setting those expectations are SUPER important! Christine can now easily refer her clients to this page for them to understand what to expect from her (differentiators, anyone?!) and also the timeline + experience of working with her that they can expect. Super, super informative and crucial information for that ideal client!
  • FAQs – The more you can educate on your website, the better! People understand FAQs and it breaks everything down really, really easily. Christine’s FAQ page is broken down by before, during, day-of, and after the client’s wedding, which allows them to not feel too overwhelmed by the number of FAQs here!

Now, let’s see Christine’s new brand…. ready!?


We LOVED working with you, Christine! Thank you for trusting us with your new brand + website for your photography business!





PS: Are you feeling that you’re ready for your brand to FINALLY feel like you?! We would love to work with you, just like we did with Christine, to finally show off your personality in your brand from start to finish!


New Brand + Showit Website Launch — Frozen in Time Photography in Somerset, MA!

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