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It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Lindsey of Willow Grove Studios!

If the thought of booking a photography session completely stresses you out, one minute with Lindsey of Willow Grove Studios will change your mind immediately.

When Lindsey inquired with us, she let us know of a few things she had going on in her world:

  • She has two photography studios – one in Minnesota and one in Iowa!
  • It was time to change the name of her business to one she really identified with
  • She really wanted to show her clients how stress-free and laid-back a photography experience really could be



Brand Design with Kelsey

Lindsey of Willow Grove Studios believes that you deserve laid back and fun photography experiences, and high-quality photos that bring a lifetime of joy. Words like these (laid back, joy, stress-free, high-quality, fun) kept popping up as we worked through the Brand Discovery Phase with Lindsey, so it became clear early on that these are the vibes we wanted to create with her aesthetics.

Using a nature-inspired color palette and hand-drawn willow tree elements, we created a relaxing online sanctuary for WGS clients to learn all about the joyful, stress-free experience they get when booking a session with Lindsey.

Website Design with Britt

When Lindsey’s clients land on her new website, they’re instantly notified about the latest updates in her business by the announcement at the top! In this case, we’re letting her clients know about the name change and linking them to her latest blog post. An announcement bar is a great way to get the attention of photography clients of the latest + greatest going on in your photography business!

The willow leaves and relaxing, thin lines of Lindsey’s brand can be felt throughout her entire website design. This, with a combination of her nature-inspired color palette, really bring about the stress-free and laid-back vibes that Lindsey’s clients can expect when working with her.

The know, like, and trust factor of the Willow Grove Studios brand is felt throughout the entire home page (and the rest of the site) in lots of different ways:

  • Immediately calling out “laid back and fun photography experiences” – this will really hit home with her ideal clients!
  • Letting clients know about her 9 years of photography experience
  • Fun facts on the About Page
  • Testimonials on each of the specialty pages
  • Showing off albums and other products clients can purchase
  • Being up-front about the process (and how easy it really is!)


Now, let’s see Lindsey’s new brand…. ready!?


We love you, Lindsey! Congratulations!!!

PS: Are you feeling that you’re ready to consistently book dream photography clients (and maybe even feel confident enough to raise your prices afterwards?!) We would love to work with you, just like we did with Lindsey, to make the appearance of your photography brand match the experience you provide to your clients!


New Brand + Website Launch — Willow Grove Studios


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