It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Jeremy of JCWood Photography!

JC Wood Photography captures engagements and weddings for modern, down-to-earth couples who are madly in love. They specialize in providing a professional, yet comfortable, photography experience and a unique way to cherish these incredible moments for years to come.

Jeremy was referred to us by the incredible Stephanie Barone. We couldn’t be more grateful to her for sending him our way! We loved working with Jeremy throughout the brand + website design process. One thing that was clear immediately after being connected with Jeremy was that he loves his family and he loves his work.

Brand Design with Kelsey

When working through the Brand Discovery Phase with Jeremy, we determined that our goals for his brand aesthetic were: bold, colorful, unique, modern, masculine, and nature-inspired.

All of these brand vibes are tied together with the combination of fonts, colors, and graphics that we strategically developed for the JC Wood Photography brand.

He also expressed that he’s super inspired by nature and the bright, bold colors you’d see in a sunrise or sunset. Because of this, we incorporated a gradient that mimics the sun rising over the horizon.

In addition, we nodded to Jeremy’s love for nature and adventure by helping him create a tagline for his brand, “Will travel for love.” He really wanted to emphasize that he specializes in destination weddings, so this helps bring that willingness to travel to the forefront of his brand.

Website Design with Britt

Working with Jeremy on his new website was so much fun for us. To be able to use the bold colors of his brand, but tap into the nature, and even balance everything out with some neutrals was something we loved getting creative with. Jeremy expressed how much he liked larger, statement photos across website designs. Luckily for us, Jeremy’s portfolio was jaw-dropping. No matter which photos we featured on the home page or any of the experience pages, it was a win.

Jeremy’s new website is hosted on Squarespace. It’ll be super easy for him to continue updating his portfolio and the rest of his website moving forward. As his portfolio continues to expand, Jeremy can easily go into Squarespace and swap out images, text, or feature anything new as his business grows.


Now, let’s see Jeremy’s new brand…. ready!?


Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this journey with you, Jeremy! We had such a blast!





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New Brand + Squarespace Website Launch — JC Wood Photography

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