It’s time to celebrate the new brand + Squarespace website design for Allison Evelyn!

Our story with Allison is a fun one. Kelsey met her back in San Diego through a local gathering of creative souls at a beach picnic. Allison has this vibe that just radiates. If you meet her in person, you will love her instantly. Guaranteed. She’s hilarious, thoughtful, creative, and fierce as hell.

After becoming great friends, we ended up reaching out to Allison! We needed her help with some copywriting on our own site and just loved working together. That’s why we were THRILLED when Allison then reached out to US for help with her brand + website design! We were so excited to get to swap and work with her on the other side of things. Right after Allison inquired with us, we knew one thing was for sure: we needed to create a brand and website that would showcase Allison’s unique personality and witty voice. Knowing Allison in person or even over the phone is such a special thing. We put all of our effort into bringing this experience to life through her brand.

Brand Design with Kelsey

Through our initial Discovery Phase, the words we established for Allison’s brand goals were: zesty, approachable, quirky, premium, and fierce. After being a client of Allison’s services, we can assure you that these words are a 110% accurate depiction of that experience.

The colors we chose not only help create these brand vibes, but also nod to Allison’s personal style and her love for nature (and Buffy the Vampire Slayer). After her mood board + color palette were complete, Allison used this as inspiration for her new brand photo shoot with Brogen Jessup. We are OBSESSED with the way these images turned out! They perfectly embody the brand goals we set + pair oh so nicely with Allison’s final brand + website design.

Next, our goal with font choices was to create a balance between those fun, quirky vibes and the more premium, professional side of things. We incorporated a pen icon into the “A” to hint to Allison’s services. She mentioned in our initial Discovery Phase that she loves to write with pen and paper and often starts the process with her clients this way. One of our favorite aspects of this brand are the patterns and the icons used within them. This was an abstract way for us to bring in some proofreading marks, nodding to the fact that Allison can help you proofread + edit your copy, too. These icons are subtle but symbolic and we loved getting to be creative with how they’re used throughout her brand + website.

Website Design with Britt

After we saw Allison’s brand design, we couldn’t wait to bring it to life on her Squarespace website. There were so many unique elements in Allison’s brand that we wanted to show off. We had to be careful, though, to not overwhelm her clients with SO many elements. Finding the right balance of white space, with the bold graphics and zesty copy, was key.

We brought Allison’s site to life on Squarespace! This platform allows for Allison to be able to update her website really easily. In fact, this was where her old website was hosted! We took everything to the next level by custom installing fonts, advanced coding, and making sure her brand elements were within view at all times.


Congratulations, Allison! We love you!!

New Brand + Squarespace Website Launch! — Allison Evelyn in San Diego, CA

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