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This is a bold and fun brand design portfolio and Showit web design for ProPhoto by MK

It’s time to show off a new photography + cinematography brand and website for Maria of ProPhoto by MK!

Get ready for a brand that is not only super chic and modern, but also has pops of color that will give you #allthehearteyes.

Maria came to us looking for a new design for her brand + website that would be inviting, fun and elegant for her Philadelphia couples. It was clear immediately when we chatted with Maria that she truly goes above and beyond for her clients. From every detail being remembered to just making sure everything and everyone is good to go, we have full confidence that if Maria’s clients sign a contract with her, they are going to be completely taken care of from start to finish.

Throughout the entire process of working with us, Maria was absolutely incredible. The content now available on her website is there to make sure her couples feel educated about the wedding photography + cinematography process even before they reach out to her. Her experience in this industry is made 100% clear throughout her entire brand — giving her couples a much-needed sigh of relief as they make big decisions for their upcoming wedding!


Brand Design with Kelsey

When working with Maria on the branding process, we started with asking her what her most important values were. Ready to hear them?:  Being kind, honest, helpful to clients and making sure they are comfortable during the entire process of working with me. From day one of chatting with her, Maria has been a true example of customer service to the millionth degree. 😉

Maria told us from a design perspective, she LOVES bright colors. Now, of course, marrying bright colors with the simple, clean design she was looking for can always be a little tricky. Leaning into one over the other can make a huge difference! So, first, we chatted with Maria about the vibes that she was looking for across the board:  bold, modern, chic, polished, upscale and fun.

From there, what we decided to do was present Maria with a color palette that not only leaned into the simple and clean design, but also had a pop of the “bold” and “fun” that we would use sporadically throughout her brand + website design to help her brand really stand out from her competition!

All in all, we seriously LOVE this brand. It conveys each of these descriptors perfectly and shows off just how professional, yet chic, ProPhoto by MK is!


Website Design with Britt

We knew when Maria started working with us on her new Showit website, she had a LOT of content she wanted to show off. So much so that if it was displayed in the “wrong” way on her website, it could be overwhelming for her couples. But, instead of deterring her from showing off the content, we presented her with a few ways we recommended it being shown off that would truly showcase her expertise in the industry!

For example, instead of having her couples click through a new different pages to learn about the Wedding Photography process and see her portfolio, we have everything they need to know on one specific page called “Wedding Photography”. In addition to this, they can go see some bonus info on the “Resources” tab that shows off FAQs, Vendor Recommendations, and even a sample Timeline! Whaaat?! SO GOOD.

We loved that Maria let us get creative with the entire design of the site, too! We were loving putting together click-through interactions for her clients, like when they view client testimonials and even learn a step-by-step about the Wedding Photography process!

Now, let’s see Maria’s new brand…. ready!?


This is a bold and fun brand design portfolio and Showit web design for ProPhoto by MK

This is a polished and fun Showit web design for the home page for ProPhoto by MK

We had such a blast working on this new brand + website with you, Maria! Congratulations on ALL of this!!!





PS: Are you feeling that you’re ready for your brand to FINALLY feel like you?! We would love to work with you, just like we did with Maria, to finally show off your personality in your brand from start to finish!


Click here to learn more about the brand and website design process!


New Brand + Showit Website Launch — Maria Kalitina of ProPhoto by MK!


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