It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Amanda of The Amanda Kate Co!

The Amanda Kate Co. is an Atlanta based wedding + branding photography business owned by the AMAZING Amanda Kate! Amanda reached out to us after we chatted with her on The Rising Tide Society a few months back. We originally talked about having her website designed on Squarespace. But, after a few conversations about the future of her brand, we decided Showit was the best website platform for her due to flexibility and a few behind-the-scenes capabilities! Plus, it’s our favorite platform for photographers. 😉

Brand Design with Kelsey

The Amanda Kate Co. is an Atlanta-based wedding and branding photography company, and a brand that we have been DYING to show off!

During the Discovery Phase (step one of the branding process) with Amanda, we established these vibes for the aesthetic vision of her brand: simple, modern, light, feminine, and upscale. We drew inspiration from things like chic boutique shops and simple, modern interior decor. Our goal with this brand was to communicate a balance between the fun, comforting vibes that Amanda creates for her clients while also nodding to the upscale, modern work she creates. The balance of bold and soft in her color palette allows us to do this, as well as the balance between the modern sans serif and the feminine script font used throughout her brand.

Amanda loves being behind the camera and making something ordinary look extraordinary. With this new brand design, we have now given her a platform to really let that talent shine.

Website Design with Britt

Amanda’s new website is one that we have been absolutely freaking out to show off to everyone. This is where Showit really gives us the flexibility that not many (if any!?) website platforms allow for. Amanda’s new website truly gives a unique experience to two very different audiences: brides and business bosses. But, the journey they both follow is very similar, with different inviting text and action items for each of them.

At the end of the day, Amanda’s new website is built upon the experience strategy, which allows her ideal client to really get a great sneak peek into what it could be like to work with her. If she’s warming them up THIS much on her website, the in-person experience with her has to be beyond incredible. <3


Now, let’s see Amanda’s new brand…. ready!?

Atlanta Wedding and Branding Photographer | Amanda Kate



We cannot wait to see what’s next for Amanda’s new brand! And, trust us… we know a bit about what’s to come. You won’t want to miss it. 😉

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this journey with you, Amanda! We love you!

New Brand + Showit Website Launch — The Amanda Kate Co!

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