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It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Mandy of Mandy Paris Photography in Iowa City, IA!

Mandy Paris is an Iowa City wedding and portrait photographer specializing in non-traditional wedding photography for the introverted + camera shy couple. (Moment of silence for how freakin’ perfect that mission statement is! She nailed it!) :heart_eyes:

Mandy reached out to us back in May and shared some struggles she was having with content creation and inquiries for her wedding photography business. She was feeling really stuck with how to move forward. WHO CAN RELATE?! :woman-raising-hand:

First things first, we set her up with business mentoring with Kara Evans so that she could identify some areas for improvement within her internal processes. Once, she had a bit more clarity on the business side of things, Mandy was ready to dive in to her brand!


Brand Design with Kelsey

The brand vibes we established for Mandy’s brand were: quirky, intimate, whimsical, non-traditional, vintage-inspired, feminine, and fun. Overall, it was clear that we wanted to create a balance within her brand design— playful yet sophisticated,  professional yet approachable. :sparkles:This brand was SO fun to work with because of how unique and fun it is (just like Mandy)! By including a handful of accent graphics, we were able to get really creative in the design of both her custom @showit site and also her brand essentials. :heart_eyes:

Website Design with Britt

Um, can we stop for a minute and say that we were SO FREAKING EXCITED to dive into this website with Mandy!? After seeing these fun, quirky, intimate vibes of her brand, I couldn’t wait to dive in and see just how fun we could get with it!

Mandy’s new Showit website is showing off her animated logo right there, front and center. We’re giving her clients a first impression that they will not forget, especially if they’re jumping into photography websites left + right to find someone to work with! The colorful, playful, yet professional vibes can be felt throughout each and every page. Our personal favorite part? Take a look at that Weddings page, where we show off the FULL color palette, along with her client experience from start to finish!

The know, like, and trust factor of the new Mandy Paris Photography brand is felt throughout her entire website in the following ways:

  • “For the couple who does things a little differently!” – Can we talk again about how much we love that Mandy is talking DIRECTLY to her ideal client? Sure, traditional weddings are amazing! But, Mandy is looking to book more of the intimate, non-traditional weddings. Remember, it’s just as important to put copy out there that attracts your ideal client but pushes away the non-ideal client!
  • “Iowa City Wedding + Portrait Photographer specializing in non-traditional wedding photography for the introverted + camera shy couple” – Not only is this GREAT for SEO, but when Mandy’s dream clients read this content, they’re going to be saying, “FINALLY. Someone who gets it!” — and who doesn’t love that feeling!?
  • Educating about documentary photography – This is something that we challenged Mandy to define (and she SO did!) so that her clients could understand the style of her photography! Remember, most of your clients don’t likely understand some of this photography jargon. Telling them, in human terms, what it all means will make your life so much easier when your clients begin to understand what to expect.
  • On-brand headshots – Look how freakin ADORABLE Mandy is right there on her home page! With Mandy’s brand being positioned toward the introverted, camera-shy couple, building their trust in her from the start is so important.
  • Testimonial on the home page – Mandy expressed to us that her previous website didn’t feel like it showed the expertise she had in the industry. She wanted her clients to really understand and trust her throughout the ENTIRE wedding process. What better way than to simply SAY that on the home page and back it up with a true testimonial supporting that?!
  • Dancing logo at the footer – We’re mentioning this because it deserves to be mentioned. That is all. 😉
  • Wedding experience is front + center — Mandy’s wedding process is being shown off on her Weddings page step-by-step! She did a really great job defining what this process is and how she is a part of the entire wedding planning process with her clients!
  • Blogs, blogs and more blogs! –  Mandy does a really great job blogging her sessions and weddings! This is not only great for her clients to see more of her work, but it’s also great for SEO! 😉


Now, let’s see Mandy’s new brand…. ready!?



We LOVED working with you, Mandy! Seriously. Thank you SO much for trusting us to bring this fun brand to LIFE!





PS: Are you feeling that you’re ready for your brand to FINALLY feel like you?! We would love to work with you, just like we did with Mandy, to finally show off your personality in your brand from start to finish!


New Brand + Showit Website Launch — Mandy Paris Photography in Iowa City, IA!

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