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It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Lindsay of Lindsay Reed Photography in Nashville, TN!

When we share about a new client launch, we typically start by sharing a little blurb about what the client specializes in, but Lindsay’s description of why she does what she does was so beautiful that we figured we’d let her do the talking this time 😉 —
“I am a strong believer in empowering moms through photography. I grew up with a mom who was never in a photo because she hated the way she looked. I want to allow my moms to feel beautiful and to celebrate motherhood, no matter what stage of it they are in.”

We couldn’t have said it better! #allthefeels

Brand Design with Kelsey

The design goals we established for the new Lindsay Reed Photography brand were: soft, feminine, natural, trendy, clean, and comforting. All of these words not only describe the relaxing experience of working with Lindsay, but they also describe her beautiful, natural light photography.

One of our favorite elements of Lindsay’s new brand is the lavender imagery, used to nod to the comforting experience she creates in her studio—with lavender oils diffusing and all!

Website Design with Britt

This was a website that we couldn’t WAIT to design after seeing the calm, comforting vibes of Lindsay’s new brand. Whenever I worked on this website, I literally felt like I transported into Lindsay’s studio! Her work is absolutely beautiful, which perfectly complimented her new visual brand in all the best ways.

Lindsay’s new website is on Showit, of course! We couldn’t recommend this website platform more for photographers. (Looking to see why?! Check out this post!) Lindsay was actually already on Showit, but she was looking to take her website to the next level. And, dare I say, I think we accomplished all of that! 😉

The know, like, and trust factor of the new Lindsay Reed Photography brand is felt throughout her entire website in the following ways:

  • “Specializing in Birth, Fresh 48, Maternity and Newborn Photography in Nashville & Franklin, Tennessee” – Before Lindsay’s clients even scroll, they can see in the upper-right corner of her site EXACTLY where she’s located and what she specializes in. This helps build their confidence that they’re in the right place!
  • Warm + welcoming copy right up front – Can we talk about the emotional copy right front + center? We have no doubt that this copy will capture the hearts of the mamas that book with Lindsay!
  • Meet Lindsay – We ALWAYS love introducing the photographer right up front! This helps Lindsay’s clients to get to know a bit about her, then also guide them over to her “About” page to learn more.
  • Testimonials on every page – Testimonials are huge, especially for newborn photographers! These show off Lindsay’s expertise straight from her clients.
  • Featured badges – Another great way to build up the trust factor with Lindsay’s clients!
  • Personal details on About Page – Could we BE anymore excited about these fun facts?! (You’ll see what we mean here!) Something we told Lindsay that she should definitely show off is the fact that she was an ER nurse! Who wouldn’t trust their newborn with an ER nurse!? 🙂
  • FAQs and process walk-throughs — If someone has never hired a photographer before, they may be more likely to reach out to Lindsay if they know a bit of what to expect! This eases the worry, especially for new parents.

Now, let’s see Lindsay’s new brand…. ready!?



We LOVED working with you, Lindsay! You’ve been so sweet, so gracious, and we can’t wait to meet you SO very soon! 😉





PS: Are you feeling that you’re ready for your brand to FINALLY feel like you?! We would love to work with you, just like we did with Lindsay, to finally show off your personality in your brand from start to finish!


New Brand + Showit Website Launch — Lindsay Reed Photography in Nashville, TN!

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