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New Brand + Showit Website Launch — Lauren Westrich Photography in Springfield, Illinois!

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This is a joyful and simple inspired brand design portfolio and Showit web design for Lauren Westrich Photography

It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Lauren Westrich Photography in Springfield, Illinois!

Lauren Westrich is a natural-light wedding + senior photographer serving those looking for the ultimate joy-filled experience! We were referred to Lauren by the incredible Kara Evans of Kara Evans Photographer!

When we work with photographers at Launch Your Daydream, we learn SO much about them, their business, their client experience, and all things in-between throughout the duration of our project together. With Lauren, we IMMEDIATELY clicked. First, she was referred by one of our favorite people on the planet (lookin’ at you, Kara!). Second, she KNEW that she needed a new brand + website. She was ready. In fact, we didn’t even have an initial consultation call because she was ready to freakin’ rock from the minute she inquired. She also told us about her love for her family, Disney, oreos, and her pups…. um, sign us up!

Seriously, working with Lauren was a freaking DREAM for us. Each of her emails were so sweet, continued making us laugh, and it was like a virtual hug with every email!

Oh… did we mention we got those virtual hugs turned into IN PERSON hugs?! That’s right! We actually got to meet Lauren on our trip to Chicago in early August!! Eeeek!!! <3

Now, enough about how much we LOVE Lauren, let’s show you a sneak peek into her new brand!

Brand Design with Kelsey

The brand vibes we established for Lauren’s aesthetic were: colorful, joyful, modern, simple, chic, and upscale. We wanted to create something that showcased pops of colors she loves but without feeling too youthful. Because of that, we chose jewel tones to give us those chic/upscale vibes but then balanced it out with some dusty blues and a neutral beige. To keep this balance going throughout the actual design, we chose to feature a script font that feels upscale yet still has a bouncy, fun quality to it—just like Lauren’s client experience! Additionally, we brought in some added whimsy in a really subtle way with little teal dots used as accents throughout her brand and a floral pattern.

To top it all off, Lauren got updated headshots taken after we established her brand aesthetic and we are LOVING how perfectly the colors she chose to wear compliment her brand!

Website Design with Britt

The experience that we provide to Lauren’s clients on her new Showit website goes down as one of our ABSOLUTE FAVORITES. Seriously. There is so much to play with on this website, but all done in a design that is very simple and easy for Lauren’s clients to follow. We’re showing so much of Lauren’s wedding and senior portfolios in various ways, so her clients can get really good insight into all of the customized details when working with her.

The know, like, and trust factor of the new Lauren Westrich Photography is felt throughout her entire website in the following ways:

  • “Serving those looking for the ultimate joy-filled experience!” – Right off the bat, clients see in Lauren’s mission statement that her experience is a fun one.
  • “I’m based out of Springfield, Illinois. However, I love traveling all over Central Illinois, St. Louis, and beyond”!” – Not only is this GREAT for SEO, but it lets Lauren’s potential clients know where she’s located and which surrounding areas she typically serves.
  • Showing off “Weddings” and “Seniors” right on the home page allows Lauren’s clients to understand her specialties and be able to click into each of those categories for more information!
  • On-brand headshots allow her clients to put a face to the business! No selfies here—Lauren really delivered with not only on-brand headshots, but also family photos for her about page and a few detail shots as well!
  • Custom videos for each specialty give Lauren’s brand that extra oomph! Whether you’re interested in her wedding photography or senior photography, you’ll see a behind-the-scenes video on each page that gives you a peek behind the curtain at Lauren’s amazingly joyful client experience!
  • “Those un-posed, laugh out loud, emotional moments are most likely the ones you will fall for over and over again for years to come. Memories are intended to be remembered, talked about, and hold a special place in your heart. Which is why saving your moments inspire me as a photographer. ”
    We LOVE this sentiment from Lauren on each of her specialties pages—it not only showcases the “why” behind her business, but also lets potential clients know the types of photos they expect to receive.
  • “Why Choose Lauren Westrich Photography” — Each specialty page gives you 3 straight-forward reasons why you should work with Lauren for that specific type of session. This helps potential clients learn the value of hiring her before they’re introduced to the pricing details.
  • Featured clients — This section on each specialty page is one of our favorite parts of the design of this website! A testimonial and photo from each featured session is shown with the option to click through to the next one or to go see more of this specific session. This is a way to show potential clients that Lauren is already known, liked, and trusted by many!
  • Customized contact page — Clients only have to fill out information pertaining to the type of session they want! Just choose from the list—weddings, seniors, or portraits. Easy freakin’ breezy.
  • Blogs are available for clients to learn more about the latest sessions. This helps clients build trust that Lauren is on top of her business and builds their excitement that hey — maybe they’ll get featured on her site, too! (This is also REALLY great for SEO!)

Now, let’s see Lauren’s new brand…. ready!?

This is a joyful and simple inspired brand design portfolio and Showit web design for Lauren Westrich Photography

We LOVED working with you, Lauren! Thank you for all the laughs (and hugs!) along the way! 

PS: Are you feeling that you’re ready for your brand to FINALLY feel like you?! We would love to work with you, just like we did with Lauren, to make the appearance of your photography brand match the experience you provide to your clients.

August 22, 2019

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