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New Brand + Showit Website Launch — Jill Schardt Photography in Pennsylvania and New Jersey!

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It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Jill Schardt Photography in Philadelphia and brand new to New Jersey!

When Jill inquired with us, she expressed what she really wanted to accomplish with this re-brand:

  • Launching a BRAND NEW branch of photography (beach sessions) in a BRAND NEW state (holy smokes!!!)
  • Bring in a virtual IPS model behind-the-scenes of her photography business to fully serve all of her clients from session planning to designing + ordering products
  • To provide a low-volume, high-quality luxury portrait experience in both her Philadelphia newborn studio and the beaches of the New Jersey coastline

When we initially chatted with Jill on our consultation call, she mentioned she heard us on the Photo Field Notes Podcast with Allie Siarto! On this podcast episode, we talked about creating an impactful photography website for your photography business. Where Jill REALLY did her homework before working with us, though, was by taking Allie’s Virtual Product Sales course. This helped her see a new + improved way that she could provide her services and products to her clients, especially having two different locations she services!

Jill did her homework from the ground UP, you guys. She not only added an additional service type and location (beach sessions in New Jersey), but she also worked closely in the mentorship with our Dream Team member, Kara Evans, to organize behind-the-scenes of her new business model. Kara was able to work with her to make sure she felt comfortable and confident with her new prices, new services, and building an experience her clients would never forget… and would come back for more!

Now, let’s show you what happens when you take ALL of this magic and turn it into a brand + website!

Brand Design with Kelsey

The new Jill Schardt Photography transports you to a state of relaxation. That’s because brand aesthetic we created is meant to resonate with Jill’s dream clients in both of her main specialties—beautiful beach portraits in New Jersey and cozy newborn studio portraits in Pennsylvania.

The brand vibes we established after working through the Discovery Phase with Jill were: beachy, light, classic, relaxing, whimsical, and upscale. We accomplished this by incorporating subtle watercolor accents, a soft and beachy color palette, plus brand fonts that create a balance between classic and whimsical.

Finally, to emphasize the different niches of Jill’s business, we created individual logos for each of her specialties. Altogether, this brand aesthetic perfectly compliments Jill’s gorgeous work, whether it be those stunning sunset beach photos, or the sweet, cozy newborn portraits.

Website Design with Britt

Get ready to take a deep breath and RELAX the moment you land on Jill’s new website! Immediately when you land on her new website, you’re greeted by her beautiful portfolio and her alternate logo that immediately lets her clients know her location and specialties.

Jill’s beautiful portfolio is felt throughout the entire website, balancing out the text explaining more about what Jill’s clients can expect when working with her in either Philadelphia or New Jersey.

The know, like, and trust factor of the new Jill Schardt Photography brand is felt throughout her entire website in the following ways:

  • “Classic, creative and thoughtfully styled images” text on her home page
  • Stating her locations (and those locations being studio and beach) on her home page
  • Mention of her specialties right on the home page (beach, newborns, families)
  • Two areas of slideshows of her portfolio on her home page
  • “Live, laugh, photography” on her About Page
  • On-brand images on her About Page — along with showing her beautiful family
  • A bit about her personal background on her About Page
  • A bit about her photography business experience on her About Page
  • Showcasing before/after on her specialty pages for Beach, Newborns, and Families
  • Blogging about new services and recent sessions on her blog

Now, let’s see Jill’s new brand…. ready!?

We love you, Jill! Congratulations!!!

PS: Are you feeling that you’re ready for your brand to FINALLY feel like you?! We would love to work with you, just like we did with Jill, to make the appearance of your photography brand match the experience you provide to your clients.

April 11, 2019

NOTE: Trends evolve over time and some of our older blog content may no longer be up to date! Take note of the date at the top of this post and acknowledge that some things may have changed since this was initially published. :)

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