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This is a colorful and fun brand design portfolio and Showit web design for Meet Me at City Hall Photography

It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Emily at Meet Me at City Hall!

If you’ve followed us for a little while, you might be turning your head sideways at seeing the name “Emily Jenks”. Maybe going, “Uh, guys? Didn’t you launch her website a few months back!?” Well, good job, because we so did. But, being the freakin’ genius that Emily is, she decided it was time to ROCK the City Hall Photography niche like nothing we’ve ever, ever, ever seen.

Introducing:  Meet Me at City Hall Photography. Because wedding photos should be as easy + affordable as city hall weddings.

We’re obsessed. We seriously cannot wait to tell you guys ALL about this new brand + Showit website.


Brand Design with Kelsey

When talking about this new brand with Emily, we started with helping her brainstorm the NAME for this new business! She knew the type of business model and the values she had around it — easy, fun and affordable! So, how could that translate?! The “official” descriptors we came up with for the ENTIRE brand were:  Fun, colorful, approachable, relaxed and modern. Once we worked with Emily to land on the name Meet Me at City Hall, we moved along to the Pinterest phase of the Brand Discovery phase, which started to bring everything to life visually! We had bright colors, modern fonts and an overall laid-back vibe that really brought everything together in SUCH a fun way.


Website Design with Britt

When someone tells me to take a website design and run — it’s one of the few times in my life you’ll actually find me running. Seriously, though. After working with Emily previously, she already had trust that I would take this new, fun brand design from Kelsey and bring it to life in a way she would love. And, much to my relief, she LOVED what she saw on the first round!

Kelsey gave me some really, really incredible options and ideas to work with for her website. Between the animated logos, the fun colors and the laid-back doodles, I felt like I really got to “play” with this site, which makes it all that more exciting!

So, go take a look at this new website and fall in love with not only the entire brand, but Emily’s portfolio, too!

Now, let’s see Emily’s new brand…. ready!?


This is a colorful and fun brand design portfolio and Showit web design for Meet Me at City Hall Photography

This is a colorful and modern Showit web design for the home page for Meet Me at City Hall Photography

We seriously LOVE you, Emily, and we’re so glad you’ve trusted us with another one of your brands!





PS: Are you feeling that you’re ready for your brand to FINALLY feel like you?! We would love to work with you, just like we did with Emily, to finally show off your personality in your brand from start to finish!

Click here to learn more about the brand and website design process!

New Brand + Showit Website Launch — Emily Jenks of Meet Me at City Hall!


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And within a month I had already booked 5 weddings. (I had ONE wedding the year!) Based on my success since then, I could ultimately see my business double in bookings again this year. It's been amazing!!" 

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