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It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Abigail Maki of Abigail Maki Photography in Jamestown, ND!

Ready for a brand + website design that is going to get you feeling #allthefeels?! Because, if so, THIS IS IT!

Abby reached out to us after hearing about us from the Hustle and Flow workshop in late summer. Her background is in documentary work and she strives to make each of her photography sessions a memorable experience for each + every one of her clients! And, if you take a peek at Abby’s portfolio, you can immediately feel all of those laid-back, comfortable vibes all the way around!

Brand Design with Kelsey

The design goals we established for the new Abigail Maki Photography brand were: authentic, adventurous, relaxed, bold, modern, whimsical, and upscale. From the modern line work designed in her outdoors-inspired logo, to the color palette that truly seemed to match all the colors in her portfolio, Abby’s new brand will give her clients the first impression of professionalism, expertise, but still laid-back and fun!

Oh, did we mention that the mountain range designed in the background of various sections is inspired by Mission Mountains — a specific mountain range in Montana? Abby mentioned potentially adding this into her brand somehow because she LOVED it. And, of course, we couldn’t say no!

Website Design with Britt

Personally, I’m SO drawn to any website that has these deep, moody colors all the way around. Add in Abby’s gorgeous portfolio and this website was like freakin’ MAGIC to design. I couldn’t get my head out of Showit to stop designing because it was that fun!

Abby’s website gives a really unique perspective into showcasing a few niches of work, too! With specializing in families, couples and wedding photography, we showcased a few of each specialty on the home page, then allowed each niche to have their own page on her website. That way, her clients could simply click into that specific niche for easy navigation! Easy breezy. 🙂

The know, like, and trust factor of the new Abigail Maki Photography brand is felt throughout her entire website in the following ways:

  • “North Dakota Photographer Specializing in Family, Couples + Wedding Photography” – Before Abby’s clients even scroll, they can see in the upper-left corner of her site exactly where she’s located and what she specializes in. There’s no question for her clients that if they’re located in or near North Dakota, looking for any of those types of photography, they’re in the right place!
  • Showcasing Multiple Specialties in Main Photo Scroll – Even if her clients miss the information in the upper-left corner of the site, Abby’s clients will immediately know that she’s a family and couples photographer simply by looking at the photos in the main photo scroll on her home page!
  • Documentary-style Approach + Why – Abby immediately tells her clients the type of photography she specializes in and her approach, and most importantly, WHY she takes this approach and what it means for her clients!
  • Introducing Abby on the Home Page – Putting a face to the photographer clients are about to invest in is always, always, ALWAYS a good thing! This really builds on the know, like and trust factor all the way across the board. 🙂
  • Testimonials on Every Page – Testimonials are huge and don’t need their own page! Showcasing these within the content can more naturally build the trust with Abby’s clients.
  • Match Info on About Page – Abby shows off exactly who would be a good match for her to work with! That way, there’s no question from her future clients, this is what she values throughout the experience of working with them!

Now, let’s see Abby’s new brand…. ready!?



This is a modern and authentic brand design portfolio for Jamestown North Dakota Photographer, Abigail Maki Photography

This is an adventurous and bold Showit web design for the home page for Abigail Maki Photography

We LOVED working with you, Abby! Thank you for trusting us with your new brand + website for your photography business!





PS: Are you feeling that you’re ready for your brand to FINALLY feel like you?! We would love to work with you, just like we did with Abby, to finally show off your personality in your brand from start to finish!


Click here to learn more about the brand and website design process!


New Brand + Showit Website Launch — Abigail Maki in Jamestown, ND!


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