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It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Christa Gable-Smothers of Gable Photography in Columbus, Ohio!

Christa came to us as a recommendation from the amazing Amanda Estep from Amanda Estep Photography. And yes, you’re reading that right. Amanda not only referred our last launch (Emily Rau) over to us, but she referred Christa to us, too! #communityovercompetition #butseriously

When Christa inquired with us, she said a few things about her current brand that many photographers out there are probably feeling about their own brand — especially after being in business for a few years!

  • She needed everything in her brand to match to save her time when marketing her business
  • She was feeling “over” her logo that she had for a few years
  • She felt like everything overall just needed to feel more high-end and professional
  • She needed an additional set (or two!) of eyes on her brand

Now, let’s show you how we made sure each of these items were addressed in Christa’s new brand + website launch!

Brand Design with Kelsey

Ahhhhhh, doesn’t looking at Christa’s brand just make you wanna snuggle?!

That’s because the brand vibes we established for Gable Photography during the Discovery Phase were: soft, light, clean, and inviting. Or in Christa’s words, adorable yet professional. 😉

Since she’s a newborn, maternity, and child photographer, we felt that it was important for her brand to feel really cozy and inviting. We achieved this by working with colors that evoke feelings of relaxation and tranquility. We also added a knit texture that makes you think of a cozy blanket or warm sweater. And finally, we incorporated a light, whimsical feather graphic at Christa’s request.

Overall, this whole brand aesthetic really looks and feels like the unique experience that Christa creates for her clients, whether on location or in her beautiful studio.

Website Design with Britt

Christa’s new website is hosted on Showit — a website platform that we 100% recommend for photographers. Now, if you know Christa, you know how much SEO means to her! In fact, she has been sitting on page 1 of Google for quite awhile now for “Columbus Newborn Photographer”.

When we designed Christa’s new website, we made sure to keep many of the same links that she had on her previous website, but with her new brand design and updating her website copy. We brought in design elements to make sure her website felt very easy for her clients to navigate, but still felt very professional and high-end.

Adorable, yet professional. 😉

Christa also wanted to show off her indoor studio and all the amenities she offers her clients! We did this in a fun, unique way by showing off not only a separate Studio page, but also as a click-through Studio FAQ on the home page!

Christa has already done an amazing job customizing hidden pages to maintain her cohesive brand identity and provide her clients with truly the best, most customized experience when working with her. Keep it up, Christa! We’re so proud of you!!


Now, let’s see Christa’s new brand…. ready!?

We love you, Christa! Congratulations!!!





PS: Are you feeling that you’re ready to consistently book dream photography clients (and maybe even feel confident enough to raise your prices afterwards?!) We would love to work with you, just like we did with Christa, to make the appearance of your photography brand match the value of your work!

New Brand + Showit Website Launch — Gable Photography in Columbus, Ohio!

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