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New Brand + Showit Website Launch — Brick Street Studio in Ionia, Michigan!

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This is a bold and upscale brand design portfolio and Showit web design for photographer, Brick Street Studio

It’s time to show off a new photography brand and website for Brick Street Studio in Ionia, Michigan!

Keysha and Karlee of Brick Street Studio found us on Facebook in a mutual group we’re in! When Keysha reached out to Britt, she expressed how they changed their brand SO many times, but they could never settle on what they wanted. Both of these ladies agreed that their website felt “homemade” and they wanted to begin appealing to more couples + seniors.

These ladies let us know that they loved simple, edgy, and some sass. 😉 How could we resist after that description!?

When working with these two incredible women, we knew their clients could expect to work with hard-working, fun-loving, REAL humans. Keysha and Karlee had us both smiling throughout the entire brand + website design process. Their personalities show through all parts of their new brand and we can’t wait for their clients to get a true feel for who they both are — before even contacting them!

Now, let’s show you all the behind-the-scenes details!

Brand Design with Kelsey

After first connecting with the ladies behind Brick Street Studio, we couldn’t contain our excitement about the opportunity to work with another bestie duo! Karlee and Keysha are both so fun and full of personality, and we felt an instant connection with them. After getting to learn more about their backgrounds and their business, we set a foundation for their new brand built around the following design goals: bold, minimal, modern, unique, upscale, and of course—fun!

Brick Street Studio’s photography is bold, a bit edgy, and full of emotion. We wanted to bring these vibes to life with brand aesthetics that gave off similar feels. This is where the bold, edgy script font comes into play along with the geometric lines and copper accents. It’s all balanced by their unique color palette, which was mainly inspired by natural elements and winter aesthetics.

Altogether, the visual brand identity we created for Brick Street Studio creates the perfect balance of fun and professional—bringing Karlee and Keysha’s unique personalities to life in a way that also helps showcase their work and attract their dream clients.

Website Design with Britt

Using Showit to show off the personalities of these two ladies was something I seriously couldn’t WAIT to do. I’m pretty sure when Kelsey finished up the brand design, I did a little dance in my office because I finally got to jump in and see just how we could show off this brand in all the best ways on their new website.

The know, like, and trust factor of the new Brick Street Studio brand is felt throughout their entire website in the following ways:

  • “We believe your images should be a reflection of you!” right as clients land on the home page shows their clients that they can expect a truly personalized experience when working with Keysha and Karlee.
  • “We are based in Grand Rapids and Ionia, Michigan. Don’t let location stop you, though. We love to travel!” on the home page lets their clients understand exactly where they’re located + they’ll travel, too! (Also, great for SEO!)
  • Showing off “Weddings”, “Seniors”, and “Lifestyle Portraits” right on the home page allows their clients to understand their specialties and be able to click in to those categories for more information!
  • On-brand head shots on the about page allows their clients to put faces to the business! No selfies here, these two not only gave us professional head shots, but on-brand ones, too!
  • Specialty process steps. These ladies are keeping things SUPER simple for their clients to understand! From inquiring about their session to their gallery reveal, Brick Street clients can feel at ease knowing more about what to expect.
  • Products, products (and more!) products! Showing off products on each of the specialty pages shows the Brick Street clients that they’re delivering more than just galleries — they’re showing them how to keep these memories alive!
  • Wedding shenanigans?! This was a last minute add-in before launch and WE COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED ABOUT IT. Seriously, it made us laugh and we knew it would make their dream clients smile, too!
  • Customized contact page. Clients only have to fill out information pertaining to the type of session they want! Easy freakin’ breezy.
  • Blogs are available for clients to learn more about the latest sessions. This helps clients build trust that these two ladies are on top of their business and builds their excitement that hey — maybe they’ll get featured, too! (This is also REALLY great for SEO!)

Now, let’s see Keysha + Karlee’s new brand…. ready!?

This is a bold and upscale brand design portfolio and Showit web design for photographer, Brick Street Studio

We LOVED working with you two, Keysha + Karlee! You two made this process seriously so enjoyable for us and we cannot thank you both enough for all of your hard work!

PS: Are you feeling that you’re ready for your brand to FINALLY feel like you?! We would love to work with you, just like we did with Keysha + Karlee, to make the appearance of your photography brand match the experience you provide to your clients.

July 25, 2019

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